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Rin had her own business and she still had to visit with the leader of these enforcers as they were known but with no sight yet of her quarry in the village itself there was some chance she might be convinced of a detour. Of course, in her mind she was already considering the likelihood that the ronin had fled into the woods to join some of the bandits in the area and form some organized campaign or to simply get out of the valley... and if that happened she would need to return to Scorpion lands and her sister for some... creative applications of prayer and invocation of the kami.

A bit of wandering, and a few stops for direction later and you found yourself before what could only be called a Den, A tent connecting a few buildings. A wood crafter to one side offered more then a bit of an oder from his laquors, on the other was what looked to be a glassmakers workshop. Between the two was the masive tent of Hanji. It stood over fourteen feet high, and more then thrice that wide, and over six times as long. It seemed like it might even fan out behind those two crafting areas. Two big men stood out front, looking at your demenor and purpose one opened a flap of the tent without a word. The chime of bells came from it, and you could see the same hanging from the curtan as it was opened, obvously announcing when it had been opened. Sitting on large pillows is man even larger then those outside, how large is hard to tell when he was sitting, but shoulders at least as wide as an ox's.

Shosuro Rin flowed like water into the tent with the realization of how small she was compared to many of these men and how delicate she must seem to them. A thought, she hoped, was contrasted by the fact that they knew nothing of her and saw only the armor, weapons, and demonic mask that she chose to affect declaring her as a clan samurai and bushi. Such thoughts and assessments continued to pass through her mind as she bowed then to the leader of these so called enforcers with the grace of a trained and bred courtier.

Such mannerisms only added to the feminine delicacy of her form as she strained and smiled ever so slightly from beneath her many eyed mask. "Greetings, Hanji-san. I am Shosuro Rin, Magistrate of the Clan of Secrets. I am told that should I wish to pursue matters of law that you might be one I would wish to speak with. Especially given how it is your enforcers that maintain the peace in this valley." she greeted comfortably and formally in a smooth voice laced with a certain disarming pleasantness that made full use of the soft and soothing qualities of her voice.

Dice Roll: 5d10e^3z
d10 Results: 7, 5, 8 (Total = 20)
Courtier/Awareness to set a good impression as a 'friendly' traveling magistrate (20)

Chitter steps in a few paces behind Rin, as seemed to be becoming his habit trying to follow her lead. He was never quite sure how she was going to approach a person. Given his alien appearance and particularly bulky armor, he thought it would do to act as a silent bodyguard while in the presence of these burly men. He likewise bowed to the seated man, and looked for his reaction. I really need to try harder in my efforts to learn the intricacies of human social expectations, he thinks to himself.


He reached over, pulling a bottle from what seemed to be a container of hot water setting three glasses on the desk before him. Filling each he offered them to his visitors.

"I am sure our mayor has had glowing things to say about me, Shosuro-san. Yes, we enforce peace here. We hold our rules usualy above the law. Law seems to find itself into the intent of a man, we only care about their action. Even more, their actions here, to us. "

Obvously he was less of a public speaker then the last person they had met.

Chitter accepts the glass, but feeling a little paranoid he waits to drink until their host did so first. He could certainly see the appeal in only holding people accountable for their actions, but what about the difference between accidental and intentional wrongs? The sooner Shosuro-san has her talk with the enforcers and we leave, the happier I'll be. I get the feeling that the safest thing to do with them is stay out of their way.

It was fortunate that Rin's features were largely hidden as the gross oversimplification of the nuances of law enforcement and the removal of intent and other crucial details was borderline offensive to the Soshi trained magistrate. It discounted hundreds of years of legal precedence, refinement, and many other intricate components that allowed the law to be just in it's execution with little room for hesitation or regrets. It also happened to keep a society running smoothly on average without need for the constant presence of enforcers such as these 'gentlemen.'

"Indeed, but his opinions are not why I am currently standing before you. I wish to simply ensure that there will be no interference in my pursuit of a gentlemen though the likelihood of him coming to the village seems increasingly less likely." she replied as a test of the waters with a certain bluntness as she accepted the sake cup and lifted it briefly to her lips, the gestures smooth and practiced despite no liquid actually being consumed.

Dice Roll: 4d10e^3z
d10 Results: 7, 8, 9 (Total = 24)
Crafty: Sleight of hand/Agility (24)

It tingles your lip a bit as you "sip" at it. He empties his cup but a moment later.

"The border guards should have told you how we feel about random violence here. What you do outside of my town, I dont really give a ninth's ass about. But here, our law wins."

He is blunt about his feelings.

Rin arched an eyebrow behind her mask. His statements had more or less established the lack of intelligence and foresight possessed by this enforcer. Which meant if the law was to be upheld more official intervention would be required. However, there was also the simple impression that the man was simply a murderer and a criminal with delusions of legitimacy.

"I will remember such then. What I proposed is no longer random violence though if it has been brought to your attentions and permissions asked? However, if you are still unwilling to cooperate I fully understand." the Scorpion woman said as she rose to her feet smoothly and gracefully.

Dice Roll: 6d10e^4z
d10 Results: 9, 8, 10, 6, 9 (Total = 42)
Courtier/Awareness + void (42)

"The village sees to our needs, we see to its saftey. It costs them goods and coin to do that, what would it say if we bent our rules at their expense? If that expense were shared...."

Just about the time he finished, it sounded like there was something of a comotion happening not that far outside of the tent. all that can be made out is the crude words of one of the enforcers saying something like "Shes Busy, git"

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