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Dead Alive Dead Alive game.

You realize that the Dynasty waking up from a dream thing is sooooo overdone, sit bolt upright from your coma and scream at your evil twin brother to get away from your fiance!

I, as your floor ward, trip backwards when you jerk upright so quickly, and fall through the window from the 20th floor, making an inspirational new art form from the splat.

Originally Posted by Onigato View Post
You realize that the Dynasty waking up from a dream thing is sooooo overdone.
Not "Dynasty". You're thinking of "Dallas".

That is all.

The inspirational new art form in question? Extreme Parkour BASE Jumping. Somewhere around the nineteenth floor, your foot catches on a clothesline... which flings you back into the building through an open window on the eighteenth floor. Your death-defying feat becomes a popular fad among those with too much free time and no sense of self-preservation.

My head gets caught in a wood chipper.

that is outfitted with sponges rather than blades that are all spaced wide enough to fit an entire person through without any trouble.

The hole between my left and right atrium reopens and then tears completely open, leaving no separation between the two atria any more.

You are correct DannyTorrance, my apologies. And a nice new Alive there thequietone.

As for you SingleSyllable, the doctors manage to catch the tear before it kills you, by mere minutes. They need to repair your heart using a new radical procedure, injecting nanobots to repair your body. The nanobots get you into the best shape of your life, perfect weight for your height, BMI, cholesterol, no free radicals, and so forth. They also make it so that you are now a superhero, and can never be killed by anything short of an EMP shorting out the nanobots.

I trigger such an EMP, reprogramming your nanobots which devour the world in a gray-goo scenario, killing all mankind, including myself.

As the eons roll past and Earth spins in lifeless silence, the nanobots slowly evolve and develop a highly-refined culture. Finding themselves alone on the planet, and longing for the halcyon days of human civilization (with our polyester-rayon blend fabrics, "Happy Days" marathons, and all-you-can-eat steak buffet/strip clubs), they focus all their energies on bringing us back, knitting our bodies and minds back together from the composite grey goo to which we had been reduced.

I skydive from a small rented Cessna, miscalculate my aim and chute-deployment time, and impale myself on the upper 250 feet of one of the larger radio towers.

Fortunately you only impale your thigh, managing to miss all the arteries and veins, clean in and out. You climb down and get patched up after walking to the hospital next door.

I have an anyurism while driving a semi loaded with compressed natural gas, crashing my truck into another truck loaded with fireworks, which drives us both into a third truck loaded with raw gravel, which causes a spark, in turn causing an explosion rivaling a small nuclear device. I am incinerated instantly and even the ashes are scattered infinitely far apart in an instant.

Fortunately, owing to the slightly-less-than-infinite nature of space, and the ultimately recursive nature of the universe, the particles of your body travel an infinite distance only to find themselves back at their original point of origin, colliding with impossible precision into their original configuration. You awake on the road, finding yourself apparently unharmed.

I eat 200 Double Western Bacon Cheeseburgers from Carl's Jr. in less than 15 minutes, curl up into the fetal position, and have six heart attacks simultaneously.

Since it was obviously an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, you had medics standing by, who start CPR within seconds, and pump your stomach out inside of a minute. You are taken to the hospital, where an emergency angioplasty places 8 stints, and you are saved. Barely. You are never allowed to eat anything with more than a half gram of fat per serving for the rest of your life, but you are alive.

I am magically sucked into the anime FLCL, in the episode where Mamimi finds the "robot dog". I am unfortunately inside of one of the cars the "dog" eats, and get digested painfully.

The dog gents idegestion so you are spit back up very disgustingly.

I get my but kicked by a Teken fighter.

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