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Dead Alive Dead Alive game.

So good that you have been handed a thesaurus, specifically designed to make it possible to express ideas in single syllables. Or in a way, words with only one sound group.

SingleSyllable becomes absolutely infuriated regarding personally habitual entering extended syllablistic statements, directly intending extreme annoyance.

MODIFICATION: Mordae indeed elucidated factuality. Resultant, practical editing applied persuant accuracy.

Due to now possessing the power of a God and Titan, SingleSyllable's head grows back because he's immortal.

SingleSyllable then uses this power to rip my arms off, then my legs off and then ripping my head off and shoving it in a blender running on full power killing me.

It's a good thing you are a god! Since I need you to corrupt your own wish, I stitch you back together and apologise for what I did, as I may have had some of that crop I mentioned again.

I fall off the World Turtle.

Fortunate that since magic is the rule, you are now in Solar orbit (specifically, the orbit the sun make around Discworld) and since you are both a Titan and a God, lack of an atmosphere, not so much a problem. You crash back down somewhere near Uberwald, dust yourself off, and go looking for a drink.

Since I've not been brought back to life, I'm already dead.

Since Onigato is a God and blessed with the gift of immortality you never actually died in the first place. You only convinced yourself you had died because you have grown so weary of being immortal you wanted to believe you were dead when you actually weren't.

I go to the pharmacist and ask for a powerful drug strong enough to kill a God. I take the drugs and die.

And are reborn, as the Phoenix, or other gods so many times before. You are Mortal now, but you live.

The flames of your rebirth ignite the universe, and to save it all I sacrifice my own godhood.

luckily, it wasnt actually you that died. Just one of your followers who you had been conversing with when they had been cooking... Never a good thing to cook distracted.

I ,on the other hand, cut my hand off while gardening and it turns out theres a vampire next door. Theres no Buffy to save me, either.

Cool, you just got turned into a Vampire. Okay, so now you sparkle in the sunlight, but really, you have your memories and the ability to live practically forever. Sounds pretty decent to me.

Except, I'm your first victim, and you don't have the self control to avoid draining me dry. Sadness, I'm now dead.

But since this is actually the World of Darkness, a geist brings you back from the dead! You are now a sin-eater! You dedicate your life to killing vampires, like some sort of superpowered ghostly Buffy or something.

I am chainsawed in half and nut-shotted off a cliff.

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