City Mapping

City Mapping

So, here's how we're gonna do it. Here's the City Map:

Go there and create one zone, label it with a quick description of what it is and put something of interest there. You don't have to know why it's interesting, but go ahead and put any ideas you have down. Once everyone has created one zone, we'll take a look at the city and then do another round.

I added USR. I wasn't sure what to put there.

Wait... there are dead people there? I don't know if I can suspend disbelief on that one...

I added The Babe and the Ban-sidhe - Classic pub on main floor (live music most nights) and steamy two-floored dance club in the basements. Part of the club is balconied like an old stage theater, otherwise the two sections have separate bars and DJs catering to different musical tastes. The architecture is strange, from some previous use, peppering the lower levels with bizarre angular corridors, narrow twisting stairways, and side closets perfect for some easy-access public privacy or shady shenanigans. "No questions asked" is the modus operandi of the staff and clientele once you head downstairs.

The linguistics of the name is off somewhat, but tries to appeal to gaelic roots while insinuating beautiful, fantastical bodies and the vaulted underground arrangement, like the barrows/mounds (the sidhe) associated with the mythological Irish/Scottish aes sidhe or "people of the mounds." Also, the banshee (bean si - "woman of the sidhe") is a familiar and somewhat edgy celtic image in the States and is also strikingly appropriate given the constantly keening beats vibrating the ground at all hours and the pub/club's proximity to the graveyard.

I haven't decided yet whether Mopsa works here as a server or some such or (if she can't work on a student visa) simply hangs out there often (or both), appreciating the feeling of home, the lively/relaxing music of fiddle, uilleann pipes, and bodhrán upstairs and the Euro-techno-trance in the lower floors with the opportunity to immerse in the sweat, and anonymous intimacy of close-packed undulating bodies. Even if she doesn't work there, from time to time she'll help out whoever runs the place for some connection to home.

I added Essence, a premier and exclusive five star restaurant.

I added Markland Terrace Apartments, where Walter lives. (Anton lives in a basement apartment beneath Walter's.)

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