Chapter 3: Into the Belly of the Beast

Aife Maerasdottir

"I see them!" said Aife in a quiet whisper as she dropped to the ground slowly, so as not to attract notice. Despite her obvious lack of formal training, the young woman seemed to melt into a small fold in the ground in a very fluid and non-attractive manner. Maybe if they were lucky they wouldn't see her, at least. "I dunno if they saw us, though" she murmured as she started working one of her spells silently. If they had spotted her at least she'd have a bit of time to work some of her magic as they closed the distance.

Rindilnir Autumnwind

"Where!?" Rindilnir says quietly, trying to follow the sight lines of his companions with no success. He crouches and draws his twin blades, eyeing Krusk suspiciously, as if it was the orc's fault he had failed to see their enemies.

Varn and Krusk crouch down and look towards where their companions indicate.

Varn says, "I don't think they've noticed us yet."

Serin Skald

Serin awkwardly looks around for somewhere to hide.

Somehow he manages to figure out which side of a tree to hide behind. Once in place, he nocks an arrow on his bow -- one of the orcish ones the party picked up from the attackers on the way to Dunross.

Rindilnir Autumnwind

Rindilnir does his best to hide from the unseen enemy.

Not being known for stealth, your group tries to hide as best you can. The orcs make their way up the hill. They seem to be oblivious of the orc pressed against the side of the tree and the skald crouched with his cloak over him, pretending to be a rock. They look like they are going to pass you by around 100 yards to the north.

Do you want to let them pass, or attack them? Since they are oblivious to you, you can wait until they are at their closest (100') and spring your 'ambush'. If you choose to attack, you will be getting
The attacker is considered on Hold and adds +4 to his attack and damage rolls should he decide to strike.
the drop on them.

Serin Skald

Serin peeks out from under the edge of his cloak, gauges the slow progress of the patrol, and waves excitedly to his friends behind the other trees. He points along the orc's path to the spot where they will approach most closely, then gestures at himself and his bow, and makes wiggly motions with his fingers while pointing to Aife. He mimes a strong wall with his hands, pushing back against the orcs, then indicates Rindilnir (with a loose-elbowed whirlwind of arms like blades) and Varn (with a strong, single axe-chop). Looking to Krusk, he purses his lips, then looks speculatively back at the tethered donkey bearing the captured orc's weapons.

The skald hums under his breath, a lay about battles between Chalcian legions and the northern orcs, but concentrates mainly on the verses which describe those enemies and their speech. The greatest risk may be that the patrol turns tail and flees, to warn the larger force; Serin wants to be ready to deceive or shame them into recklessly staying, if he can.

Aife Maerasdottir

Aife nodded at Serin as she continued to work her magic. As she concentrated on the spell she let her focus on the armor and shield maiden fade, calling in all the power she could muster to strike at the Orcs at the most opportune time. She was entirely confident that she could fell three of them with a single spell. She'd take the ones furthest back, ensuring that they couldn't escape.

Afie, the orcs aren't going to pass that close. You can tell from their trajectory that are going to pass you by about 100 yards.

Back on August 23, I incorrectly ruled that you could spend a benny to reroll one of your bolts. At that time I liooked it up, and found that you have to reroll the entire trait test. The example in the book references full-auto, which is very similar to firing three bolts off. So, if you wish to use a bennie, you will have to reroll all three bolts, and the wild die.

At this point, I think we need to talk about initiative. If you still wish to act now that you know how far away they are and their position (see map), you can attack. If you want to let them pass by, that is an option. They are oblivious to you. Nice sentries, eh? If you want to try and lure them closer, you have that option too, but I'll need to know your plan. With >100 yards between them and you, you can assume that whispers won't be heard.

Serin - King of Hearts
Rindilnir - 10 of Hearts
Afie - 9 of Clubs
Varn - 4 of Diamonds
Krusk - 2 of Diamons
Orcs - Surprised

Serin Skald

Nothing upsets a storyteller like a set-up that doesn't resolve itself. Seeing Aife furrowing her brow at the distance to the patrol, Serin steps
Actually, it was Rindilnir who rolled the 3. Serin, somehow, scored a 5.
out of concealment and takes advantage of his new, magical ability to speak Orcish, shouting out to the patrol in his clear, ringing tenor. The hand not holding the bow and arrow, though by his side, is out and flat in the universal gesture for "hold position," visible to anyone nearby.

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