Chapter 3: Into the Belly of the Beast

Aife Maerasdottir

Aife nodded silently at Serin and held her spell at the ready.


Krusk looks startled momentarily at the skald's chutzpah, but quickly recovers. He steps out from his hiding place as wellm his hands formed into a somewhat intricate symbol, held high above his head. Orcish, he calls out, striding to the front of the group.

Under his breath, loud enough for Serin to hear, he says, "Now not good time to tell you no more humans, other than Lord, at temple..."

Serin, give me a persuasion. Krusk is going to be aiding. There will be penalties for you not being an orc.

Serin Skald

Serin steps up alongside Krusk, appearing blithely unconcerned by the orcish patrol as his lips form more of the harsh sounds.

One hand waves dismissively at Rindilnir, crouched in fairly plain sight before the two.

Rindilnir Autumnwind

Rindilnir cocks his head slightly, not quite sure what's being said but knowing due to the wave of his friend's hand, that something was being said about him. He eyes friend Serin closely, watching for any signal on how he should behave.

The orcs stop, their bows drawn in a matter of a second, aimed in your direction. They slowly approach to about 70 yards away. One steps forward and calls out Orcish

Krusk steps forward and grunts out Orcish

The other orc growls fiercely from his position, Orcish.

Krusk, under his breath, says "They attack soon."

Krusk's Intimidate
Intimidate roll:
Dice Roll:
d8 Results: 4
Krusk's Intimidate
Dice Roll: 1d6e
d6 Results: 5
The orc's Spirit check

Varn ver Sigurdstjon

Hearing Krusk's warning, the wily Saxa tracker's hand began to surreptitiously edge closer to the axe hanging at his belt. He also noted the nearest place to take cover from any orcish arrows...

Aife Maerasdottir

Aife could feel the magic within her scream for instant release. She was holding it far longer than was prudent, but the element of surprise was absolutely vital. She continued to focus on the growing magic, waiting for Serin's signal before she struck.


The lead orc growls something that you are too far away to hear. They start to approach, and then break into a run. The lead orc, who is now in the back of the pack, screams out
Take them if you can. Kill them if you must
something in orcish.

DetailsOK siince they are awayre of you, I'm not going to let you get the drop on them. But I am considering you to be On Hold. So you can go at any time. Just let me know when you want to go, and I'll stick you back in initiative order.

Combat has started, everyone get a bennie.

Afie - Ace of Spades
Rindilnir - Jack of Hearts
Serin - 6 Diamonds
Krusk - 5 Spades
Varn - 5 Hearts
Orcs - 3 Clubs

They look like they are going to be running towards you.

Serin Skald

Serin shakes his head, after being distracted by a random vision of roast turkey and family back at home in Chalcis. With a snarl, he raises his bow and fires at the lead orc in the rush.

Aife Maerasdottir

As the Orcs came screaming forward Aife waited until they were within her spell range and then stood up and released her magic.

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