Rock Fortress

Rock Fortress

Jack takes up a position next to Vicky at the doorway. The kenku woman peers in through the door. Large portions of the floor of this room are strewn with rubble. The numerous cracks in the walls do not suggest much safety. Rows of dark wooden bunk beds, most of them damaged by the rubble, give some clue what this room was used for. In the south eastern corner of the room, it looks like someone has taken the time to build up a wall of the rubble about three feet high.

Looking to her left reveals an interesting sight indeed. A strange
cat-like creature is standing in the dark room. It's eyes adjust to the light brought forward by Vicky. She can see a small man-reptile standing behind the beast with a spear in his hand. Based on what she has learned and knows, it is certainly a

Seemingly prepared for the adventuring group's arrival, the cat-like beastie rears back it's head and releases a terrible howl. It looks as if the skin of it's face pulls back slightly as it howls - showing muscle and bone underneath. John watches as a wave of thunderous sound washes over the group. Only Jared seems unaffected by the blast that John was out of the range of. The others all seem dazed and
Allyria, Vicky, Jack and Guan took 11 thunder damage
hurt by the strange sound. Then the krenshar does something a little unexpected. It retreats. It rushes off behind a large pile of debris to the left. It is quickly followed by the spear-wielding kobold.

There are no noticeable exits from this room, so the strange duo seem to have nowhere to go.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

The half-elf clutches his head at the keening sounds hit them. He stutters something to the others but it's lost in the thunderous sound. As the sounds fade he catches the source of the noise scurry with what he presumes is it's owner behind a shabby makeshift wall. His ears ringing and still somewhat disoriented he stumbles into the room and takes cover behind some of the makeshift beds.

"Hey," he shouts. "Call off your pet and we won't kill you!" The half-elf grips the bunk bed's post with one hand as he waits for the ringing in his ears to stop. "
Deep Speech: Although, maybe this dungeon will kill you on it's own like those orcs back there.
Illast, diolla dist pleallist fist dist e aust ast'st aust billa dulla aust ceiast dausca."
He didn't know if kobolds spoke common. He didn't know kobolds spoke deep speech either. In fact, he didn't realize till just now that he could speak it either. It felt strange to speak it. What an odd sensation...

Stupid kobolds, he thinks to himself, seriously, what does one kobold think it's chances are. Unless it's a kobold lair... that would explain the room with all the grass. No... they have beds here. ZhuGuan continued to fight off his dizziness.

Round Update...

"Wait up!" hollers Jared worried that there might be more to Guan running off other than just charging into a battle. Shadows begin to swirl around him as he moves into the room.

Jared aims his rod at the somewhat hidden krenshar. A cloud of freezing shadow wraps around the animal, turning into a snarling beast that tears into it. The swirling shape continues to circle the krenshar waiting for it to move. Then Jared hears something coming from behind him, and the gravity of ZhuGuan's thoughts take form in an ambush.

Iffeiast!" Shouts a hissing, high-pitched voice from behind the rock wall in the south east section of the room. "
Draconic:Fight with the same spirit that Borryn would have! Kill the intruders! Kill the orc allies!
Vist fist da preialva triscist deiast Cubsuost fast peiatta! Dist da alteactaust! Dist da aust ibruust!"

Whoever or whatever it is, is keeping itself fairly hidden. Suddenly, a swirling ball a chaotic flame appears in the doorway. The flaming sphere is roughly the size of a man, making it difficult to get past. Worse, the heat is terrible up close. It lashes out at Jared
9 fire damage
striking the halfling with a tendril of solid flame.

he huffs in pain. "Did anyone else catch what he said?"

Before anyone else can even respond to Jared, three
figures emerge at the top of the rock pile. They have picks strapped to their backs, but they start hurling rocks at Guan Yu. The first one up, stubs his toe on the debris causing him to miss his shot. The pain continues for the little creature, making movement a little more painful than it should be. The other two both manage to
6 total damage from the two attacks
pelt ZhuGuan Yu with rocks despite the position he has taken up next to the bunk beds.

Guan is not feeling very good, and he knows that he and Jared are basically cut off from the others thanks to the large flaming ball. It looks like the kobolds are planning on killing the two of them before dealing with the others based on their attack pattern. Then he notices another pet of the kobolds making it's way towards him and Jared. It is an oddly colored
lizard with a splotch of blue scales here and there. It couldn't be more than a foot long, but it is moving very aggressively towards the two of them.

As John draws his sword he moves up behind Vicky and slashes out at the Blue Spiney Lizard.

"Hey! Hey!"

Jack runs into the room, taking a hit from the ball of fire. The dragonborn bursts through the ball of flame to the other side, a giant snarl on his face as he raises his blade.

Draconic:ALL YOU CAN SETTLE THE HELL DOWN. I swear to Deep Sashelas that I will KICK ALL YOUR ASSES if you take another step. I will personally see you all to the abyss if you take another step. We're not allies of the orcs. So back the hell down and let's talk like civil damn people.
UWww Eie TAuellt JIoRsu Clu FrIoWww MEN. Ie klukt gau Maept Jauerhiochauen clauenz Ie kiwww PhINd UWww Uekt URgIon iht eie gauenhu ufensiokt phiopt. Ie kiwww phiodefauentree jeue eie uwww gau clu uckaeuhlt iht eie gauenhu ufensiokt phiopt. Ku'phu zwenz untreuen eht clu en. Jau vauend clu friowww men utzt spionz'n gauen spinhu timitz mauen phinku." Jack
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 28)
stares down the kobolds, growling menacingly.

GM EDIT: Please see OOC below. Disregard most of Vyrwolf's post.

"Yitiik!!" shouts the voice from behind the rock fortress as the blue lizard is blown up by John Clarke. "Yitiik!
Draconic:NO! NO! NO! NO!
Spae! Spae! Spae! Spae!" The voice sounds enraged now.

Jack tries to charge into the room to put a stop to things, but the flaming sphere overwhelms him, and he collapses INSIDE the burning obstacle, dropping his sword as he falls.

"He'll burn to death!" shouts Jared. "Someone get him out of there!"


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