Rock Fortress


'I'm loosing him,' Vicky thinks to herself. Just as she is about to tend to his wounds, she feels an overwhelming desire to drink from the pitchers. Thoughts of her ally dying is pushed so far back into her mind, she don't even seem to remember it.

She eagerly moves towards the pitcher, ignoring anything in her path. As she comes closer to the fire, the heat searing her feathers cause her body to complain as loud as it can. She tries as best she can to shut it out and ignore it, unsuccessfully. Feeling annoyed, she moves just as far as she can away from the fire before grabbing
a pitcher greedily. She drinks every single drop, letting the liquid satisfy her undeniable thirst.

John feels the death of the kobold miner energy swirl around his blade as he stares at the wizard.

The liquid that Vicky drinks is a strange mix of blood from the Demon/Devil Blood Wars. She smacks her lips a bit as she savors the drink. A feeling of light-headedness overcomes her, and she collapses in a heap to the ground. She drops the things she was carrying along with the pitcher. The pitcher then rights itself and shimmers orange in color before refilling.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan glanced at the healing potion in his hand and then at the pitchers. He was sure he had wanted to drink this a second ago but those new drinks looked so much better. The strangeness of the situation didn't even bother him. Enough strangeness had happened that this seemed quite normal. Pitchers out of thin air, sure, why not?

This drink must be something else! He thought to himself as he watched everyone put aside the conflict to enjoy a drink.

Three of the jugs sat before him. He gave each one a moments attention before choosing one that seemed more aromatic than the rest. Grabbing the neck of the pitcher he poured it into his thirsting mouth. The strange red liquid ran down his chin and clothing as it spilled from the pitcher. The taste of the strange liquid was wonderful. He threw the emptied pitcher down and watched it shatter on the ground as a strange feeling washed over him.

Looking over the pitchers Guan can see nothing visually different about any of them. Even the smell seems no different from one to the next. He can tell that whatever is in the pitchers is red wine with something much thicker mixed in - blood of course! He grabs the one directly in front of him and drinks it down. The wine is scalding hot as he guzzles it. He throws it down and it shatters, but moments later it repairs itself and refills once more after shimmering green.

The half-elf finds all his wounds vanish from his body as if he had never been hurt at all. Guan can feel his body heating up as the blood of a higher demon begins to boil his blood inside his body. even though the
5 Ongoing Fire damage, save ends but the save is at a -2 penalty.
heat doesn't seem to bother him, perhaps because of his armor.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan drops the healing potion and staggers several steps backwards as the potent potable permeates his veins. He takes a deep breath and shouts "Raaahh....!" as the demon blood invigorates him. "Now, that's what I'm talking about!" A more violent emotion takes him over and a wicked grin crosses his face. "Business time," he grips his glaive firmly with both hands and charges the Krenshar.

Allyria moves through the fire and grabs the nearest pitcher, not really caring which. All she knows is she wants to drink it, even though she's still too dazed to think. This is the most important thing on her mind right now. She steps around her fallen companions until she arrives at a pitcher. Unfortunately, still being dazed, she is unable to drink the all-important liquid right now...but soon...


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