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Random crap you forgot you had on disk

Random crap you forgot you had on disk

For a laugh, everyone grab a CD or other file that they saved away. An old backup or whatever that just stores ordinary files that you felt the need to burn to disk in order to save. Then promply stored away never to see the light of day. And share for laughs.

Here's the inventory of what I thought to backup in '03:

-About 20 wallpapers/etc of Legend of Dragoon. I don't recall ever saving one, much less 20.
-Lotta oldschool VGMs. Zelda, the early Final Fantasies, megaman. I knew I had some of these. I just didn't realize there were so many. On the plus side: this is the most kickass zelda remix ever.
-A short story I forgot I ever wrote.
-A longer story I recall writing part of, but then deleted because it sucked. I didn't remember saving it.
-Two full page B&W drawings that I don't remember ever having scanned onto a computer.
-A lot of pictures back when I decided to make photography a hobby. That didn't last. I don't remember taking about half of them.
-Some ABBA music. I legitimately have no idea what that's doing in there. I may not remember the VGMs, but that at least makes sense to me. Probably involves my girlfriend of the time.
-Speaking of: I forgot how flexible she was. Those photos, I definitely remember taking. Thought I deleted them. Oh well.
-A GIF of someone holding a gun to the head of a rubber duck. At one time, that was probably funny to me.
-Old photos of myself, often with family. Holy crap I've lost a lot of weight. Also: got a better haircut.
-More GIFs of random weirdness. I'm not even going to bother guessing anymore.
-Handful of poems I wrote. These I actually remember.
-Another story I was writing. Thought I lost this one forever. I was pissed. Now I've found it again. And no longer care: it wasn't very good. At least I know I've improved as a writer. A lot.
-A fake poster kindly informing me that beer has been helping ugly people have sex since 1862. No explanation of why I thought that worth keeping. But at least it solves the mystery of my conception.
-Chunks of an artificial language I was inventing. One day I may use them for something. Today is not that day.

And that concludes my tour down memory lane. Who else wants to share?

Backed up in '06.
  • Lots and lots of DnD Generators
  • Besm 3.5 Character Gen
  • Shadowrun 3rd Ed character Gen
  • Daisy and Billy
  • A whole bunch of artwork of buildings, cities, and random people.
  • 3d Paper Cut outs for dungeons
  • Custom made warlord cards.
  • Poems and Stories
  • An application to work for a company attempting to build a real mobile suit...

I've more, but it's mostly paperwork and custom designed software.

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