Pre-game introductions & how you know each other

Which would have rather surprised a certain dark haired boy trying to have a nice swim.

Heh, and Megumi isn't exactly inconspicuous either. The culprit would be apparent.

Professor Evans is rarly is ever found in the dorms. His time is mostly spent in classes or working in his office. When he absolutely needs to sleep he sleeps on the dusty couch in his office. His office is usually a clutter of papers and miscellaneous objects he confiscated or simply collected. Its small for the head of faculty and has no windows. Every time someone opens his door they are greeted with a cloud of black smoke billowing into their face.

With the basics of where he can be found out of the way its unlikely any students will actually meet him until opening ceremony since he's busy organizing the faculty. Any teachers that are unsure about what they should be doing are more than welcome to come talk to him in the staff room.

So that means his office is his apartment?

So what does Evans do with his actual apartment then?

Porn storage.

Also, the Headmaster's Office is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Evans apartment is pretty much just empty aside from unopened boxes. He uses it for storage and will occasionally drop in only to rummage through a box for some book he knew he had somewhere only to bring it back to his office to read. Who knows some students might think its a good idea to try and sneak in and see what artifacts he might have stashed away.

Hey falling .....or being kicked off a roof....and landing on someone is exactly about the luck Alex would have. That or he would randomly land on someone that was bullying or trying to kill someone making himself look like a hero by complete accident, and have to deal with never getting to take a nap because of all the hype around him lol.

I still need to work out a personality for Aoki. I'll see if I can think of some related tropes at work today.


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