Pre-game introductions & how you know each other

Jake is a returning student council member, and not much of a social butterfly. He's generally seen in a knee-length leather duster that looks as if its straight out of an old west movie, and an eye-patch over one of his eyes (changes day to day). When he's not in a class, he's usually seen walking throughout the campus keeping troublemakers in line (quite effectively, I might add).


Alex will be on the ground floor, in the back, near the handicap entrance. No frills despite her wealth, possibly a room mate if the dorms have them.

so i think i am changing my character name to Adel for clarity reasons.

It's one room per person where each room cmes with a desk, a bed, a TV and broadband access. Beyond that, it's a case of personalising it however you want.

So, where will Aoki be while the students are moving in?

In the office?
At the apartment?
Helping students move in and meeting them?

Still working it out. In the time it took from making the character until now, Aoki has been co-opted into a character in Hachi: Blue (even though he hasn't appeared yet). So I have to figure him out in this universe which has nothing to do with that. In any case, Aoki will likely be in his home, which has a rather large bath.

Preparing for the Opening Ceremony at the school for the new year then, which is on later in the day. Cleanliness is next to Godliness or something like that.

If he attends.

I leave that choice to him. It will be noticed if people are not there.............

Aka "His choice, but punishment will fall swiftly upon the heads of the ones not present, mua ha ha ha!"


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