Pre-game introductions & how you know each other

Indeed, unlike other schools, we believe wholeheartedly in punishment.

Thought we were in a good enough position to get things started now. Can finalise touches during the starting phases of the game otherwise we could end up waiting a while for everyone to get sorted. So let's have some fun.

First post is mien!

Viva la Megumi!

Uhm... Sam doesn't have a home other than the school. I think he'd be more at home than even Megumi. And he doesn't need to move in, seeing as he stays there. Permanently.

Fine, can't expect me to remember absolutely everything.............

Oh we can expect whatever we like, Mister GM!

We just can't always be right. Cept me. Mua ha ha, and so forth.

And high expectations only lead to disappointment. Best to set the bar lower.

To respond to Keramane's comment. I leave it to Megumi to decide what she's told people if she's told them anything. After all, I'm sure some of you have spent previous years attending the school too so I'm sure Megumi may have had plenty of past encounters with people and it all deends what Megumi has said during those encounters.

If Megumi hasn't told you anything then you don't know anything.

Luckily there's still time to get to know each other.

Sam knows plenty about her physically, being her personal physician, but when it comes to her social side, he's just friends with her, so he might not know that much of her background.

Generally speaking, she's a shut-in. She'll wander around and look about sure, but she rarely really talks to people and her list of friends can be counted on one hand, likely with one finger. She's probably told noone about her living arrangement unless she's had to for a class assignment or something, and Sam likely knows her setup if he's actually taking care of her, since that's where she lives, but I assume it to be a mystery to any who haven't managed to sneak in or work on staff.

After all, she's not ALWAYS in her room ^^


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