Private Chat - mack2028

Private Chat - mack2028

This is where you can talk privately to us GMs about stuff.

I'm assuming there is disability access via ramps or the opening of gates and doors. The school would hardly set a disabled person up in a dorm room with no access.

If you're trying to say that the image and Excel map don't really convey the scene, well the image was more the style of building, not the actual building itself and even then that is just from one specific angle. As for the Excel map, it was done quickly and meant to be extremely simplified. The Gate at the back of the dorms to the outer area should be easy enough to open, it's just a simple gate. As for the main entrance on the right of the Excel map by the office, stairs and elevator then there should be ramp access to the main entrance and the door should be easy enough to open.

If ou're merely stating that you don't like the premises then that's fine and you can go to the Office if you like.

Just trying t clarify things here.

neither actually I was just playing up the angle to start out so no one else is confused. actually on the map I figured out exactally where her room should be based on ease of access but the character doesn't know that yet, sorry for seeming put out ooc.

hey I noticed lance and I are both Canadian, though he is French but whatever.

You mean Lucas?

Sorry, I don't have the rules in front of me right now and I'm still unfamiliar with the rules myself. When I get home, it's straight back out to my local games club gathering for more Eclipse Phase so I've left your query for Belul or Sylas to hopefully deal with later on when I'm unavailable.

ok, it should be plenty with at least an 8 bonus to an unaware target thats 19 vs flat footed ac.

Your Attack Roll is:

+ Ranged Combat (Move Object Power) Skill
+ Dexterity Ability
+ 5 Bonus constituting an advantage modifier to the roll considering the circumstances of this specific attack

So, 1d20 + 8 + 7 + 5 = 1d20 + 20
As you rolled 11, the total would be 31 for that attack.

excellent, the damage dc is 25, i was able to figure that out at least.


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