Thirsty - Round 2

John takes a deep breath of the cold air as the others move towards the open door. He looks on as the Stirge fly into the room and begin attacking and attaching to some of his traveling companions. "So these are the stirges that might have killed those orcs."

John smiled as his bad mood seem to drift away. He quickly goes to work, marking his targets. He draws power from the earth itself and attacks the stirge threatening Jarred. He cuts into the creature, doing very little damage to the beast.

Jack struggles against his captor, breaking free from the blood-draining creature. "Kill the purple one first! Don't let it smite anyone!" Jack then tries to make his own attack against the stirge, but fails to hit.

Allyria draws her longsword and looks up at the swarming monsters. Time to see if this body is any good in a fight.. Channeling her new psionic energy into her blade, she swings it in a wide arc, causing small spikes of energy to fly out of her blade and into the swarm of stirges. The attack is about to miss, but some glimmer of knowledge from a previous lifetime flashes across her mind, causing her to readjust her aim at the last minute. Unfortunately the stirge is too crafty, and her attack still misses despite the adjustment.

"Purple one, you got it boss," ZhuGuan says to Jack. Need some room first. ZhuGuan runs out of the room so he can put some force behind his blow. He runs back in with a roar, "Get off Vicky! She's my bird!"

ZhuGuan still manages to miss his intended target. Once again a black feather falls unnoticed with his attack. It looks as if could have come off of Vicky. Vicky struggles against her captor unable to break free of its hold. She can feel her life slowly slipping away from her. She swings her sword trying to hit the creature attached to her chest, but her swing is weak and barely misses the creature.

Jared takes a cautious step back. Then he decides to give himself a bigger advantage. He moves further away, wrapping himself in shadows to help hide from the strange creatures. The fiendish stirge continues to feed on Vicky. The other stirge continue to attack their meals. Again, the first stirge fails to get through Jack's armor and this time he manages to defend himself from the one that managed to feed on him a few moments ago. The last stirge risks angering the fiendish stirge, and attacks Vicky as well. It is unable to connect with the former doctor.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

If at first you don't succeed, ZhuGuan backs up and repeats his last attack. ZhuGuan suppresses a nagging concern about these fleshy flying beasts. Come on... connect! The tall half-elf prays as he cuts at the strangely colored Stirge again.

"Don't try to burn or freeze the purple one, either!" Jack calls out as he tries to hit the same one again.

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When Jack Fox decides to abandon fighting the two stirge on him and attack the purple-colored fiendish stirge threatening Vicky he finds the decision to be a mistake. Both stirge take advantage of his momentary lapse of defense as he tries to move to a better location. They both hit and latch onto the dragon man. They both begin to swell from the intake of blood and Jack becomes extremely
Jack is bloodied, and down to 9 HP
pale. Jack is unable to move on to where he wanted to go from the weakness. He swings at the fiendish stirge, but misses it with his attack.

Vicky stretches out a weak hand, and spectral vines spring out from behind the stirge next to her as it tries to attack Jack Fox. The vines pull the creature away from Jack -
it is Slowed and cannot shift until the end of Round 3
keeping it from attacking him. The other one still manages to attach itself to Jack Fox.

Allyria frowns, taking a deep breath as she sees Jack get swarmed. She pulls its attention away from him, and prepares her defenses for its attack. As she does so, she channels her own life energy towards the dragonborn, trying desperately to keep him on his feet.


While Vicky isn't very comfortable having a blood-sucking huge insect attached to herself, she sees the advantage of it; at least the creature won't be bothering anyone else.

She strikes out with a thunderous attack against the one that attempted to latch on to Jack. Her sword connect, yielding a satisfying sound mixing the boom of thunder and the crunch of the stirge's carapace being penetrated.

"They are fairly weak. Ignore this big one, take the small ones first," she tells the others.

'... I'm not awfully happy about it getting more of my blood than strictly necessary, but it's probably the fastest way to end the fight,' she tries to convince heself.

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