Jack struggles against the stirge, then lets out a blast of cold at the two nearest him.

Thirsty - Round 4

Jared decides that for now, what with the majority of the party between him and the stirges, he is in a safer enough position and decides to hold his position. He gives Allyria a grin, the shadows that gather about him seemingly alive in the way they twist and pulse are sharp contrast to the Deva's divine appearance.

With a gesture, Jared again directs a stream of shadows out towards the stirges. They wrap around his targets swirling with an unearthly darkness. The stirge next to John and Vicky falls dead to the ground from Jared's attack. The other stirge recoils in fear from Jared's mental assault.

Feeling her life being literally sucked out of her, Vicky tries to collect her remaining strength to break loose from the blood-sucking creature. She feels renewed as the 'voices' of the spirits aid her, successfully breaking the grasp and sharing her renewed strength with Jack. 'Thank you,' she mentally calls to the invisible spirits by her side.

John moves up to the bigger fiendish stirge, his eyes gleam with a dark redness as his sword started to burn with a darkness. He swings his sword. John begins to stumble and trip over his feet as he tries for a fanciful attack against the fiendish stirge. John gets all tripped up and pitches forward. He collapses in a heap taking the fiendish stirge and Vicky to the ground with him as well.

ZhuGuan takes a look at the tangle of arms, legs and flapping wings besides him. The fiendish stirge was a better target but he opted to listen to plan and swung at the stirge that had opted to come near him. Despite the extra momentum, Guan Yu misses the stirge he had targeted. Allyria takes a step forward and waves her longsword in the direction of most hurt stirge, the same one ZhuGuan had just tried to attack, slamming forward another surge of psionic energy designed to knock it away from her allies. Her attack kills the stirge that she, Jared, and ZhuGuan all attacked in the last few seconds.

Jack Fox inhales deeply as he looks at the two remaining stirges. He exhales a burst of icy cold breath at the two creatures. The fiendish stirge on the ground gets hit by the attack, though it doesn't hurt it as much as the dragonborn paladin would have liked. The other stirge manages to avoid the icy menace.

The purple stirge recovers. It takes to the air again and flaps there for a moment. It's attention is still directed at the kenku. It moves forward so that it can go after its prey again. The other stirge flies forward and tries to latch onto Guan Yu, but it can't manage to get through his armor.

Jared skips around behind Allyria, humming a joyful sounding melody at complete odds to the darkness flowing around him, which, seemingly in time to the tune, darkens in patches, forming into monstrous apparitions before fading back into the mass of shadows again.

As he mo ves the shadows darken further, making it difficult to see the Halflings small form through them. As he reaches the other side of Allyria, a stream of darkness streaks out towards the stirges.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

Embarrassed, John gets up "Sorry I'm still getting use this new body." John swung his sword at the Stirge again hoping for a different result.


Vicky darted up to her feet again, her movements full of optimism and energy. 'Seems we won't meet the same end as the orc,' she thought to herself as she moved forward and unleashed a swirling attack at the two remaining enemies.


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