Jack snarls at the second stirge, then bashes his shield with his sword. "C'mon! C'mon! Come get me!"

Thirsty - Conclusion

Jared skips around behind Allyria, humming a joyful sounding melody at complete odds to the darkness flowing around him, which, seemingly in time to the tune, darkens in patches, forming into monstrous apparitions before fading back into the mass of shadows again.

As he moves the shadows darken further, making it difficult to see the halflings small form through them. As he reaches the other side of Allyria, a stream of darkness streaks out towards the stirges. It strikes both his targets, though it barely seems to harm the fiendish stirge aside from knocking it back. The other stirge is knocked to the other end of the room as well.

Embarrassed, John gets up "Sorry I'm still getting use this new body." John then tries something else. He attacks the creature's mind rewiring it a bit and causing damage along the way. When he is done, he has temprarily altered the fiendish stirges perception of the battle causing John to appear as if he isn't even there. It won't last long, but it should keep him from being a target of the creature for a few seconds.

Vicky darts up to her feet again, her movements full of optimism and energy. 'Seems we won't meet the same end as the orc,' she thinks to herself as she moves forward and unleashes a swirling attack at the two remaining enemies. Her attack hits the two creatures, causing them pain as the earth and walls appear to ripple near Vicky.

Jack snarls at the second stirge, then bashes his shield with his sword. "C'mon! C'mon! Come get me!"

Allyria moves forward as Jack goads one of the stirges. She mentally targets the fiendish stirge. She then sends another spike of psychic energy at the beast from her sword trying to overcome its defenses. Her spike bursts through the unholy creature leaving a bloody mess on the wall behind it as the corpse falls to the ground. A concussive wave ripples out striking the other stirge nearby. It pushes the creature away from Vicky which causes the creature to tumble to the ground from the strange effect encircling Vicky. The creature is pushed all the way into the corner.

Guan Yu then springs into action against the last remaining opponent. he charges forward attacking the creature before it can recover. He tears his weapon through the creature with ease splitting it in two. The last of the opponents are dead leaving the heroes with a chance to recover and lick their wounds...


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