1st September 2011

1st September 2011

Aoki Aizawa's scene It is a beautiful morning, the sky is clear and the sun is shining through. Aoki is at his apartment getting ready for the day ahead. A new school year is set to start in the afternoon with a scheduled opening ceremony.

Megumi's, Sam's, Alex's & Adel's sceneAt the Dormitories, new students are beginning to arrive to get sorted and settled in their new rooms. For Megumi, her room is always available and she was the first one to settle back in to her room for the coming new school year having spent very little time away as this was like her permanent home. Sam who is permanently based at the school having spent much time in the Dorms alone recently due to the summer break was now seeing a bunch of new students moving in. Alex & Adel arrive at their rooms. They have the morning to get themselves sorted and settled in order to attend the school opening ceremony for the new year.

The Gaze of the Goddess

Gazing out from behind a pale white drape is a pale white face with pale white hair and deep, golden eyes tracking the traffic below the building while seeming to simultaneously be watching the school as a whole. There are few whose eyes she locks onto, but those who she does can feel a lingering oddness to the isolated girl atop her scholarly tower. Should eyes linger on her for too long, the drapes shift and her presence is concealed for a time before another window bears host to the penetrating golden orbs that reside within the mysterious girl.

Sam's eyes snap open. What is that noise? He rolls out of bed and, after quickly donning his uniform, opens the door to the courtyard. Wait... It's the new school year already? How'd that come up so quickly? He shakes his head. I really need to keep better track of the date. He leaves his room in search of his Yearmaster, hoping to get his timetable for the year before the usual rush. As he walks towards the office, he greets the familiar faces, and helps any who look confused.


"UUUHHH." Is all that could be heard coming from an open door to one of the dorm rooms. It sounded as though the room had been beset by zombies. "Why so early? Why God have you forsaken me." The 4th buzzing of SNOOZE on the alarm had gone off as Alex was forced to wake up from an attempted nap. All the commotion of a new day.

Exiting his room in his disheveled uniform Alex shambled along trying to figure out what was what.

"The airline lost my luggage and my chair." Adel approaches her dorm and notices the gates and steps. *sigh* She casts around for an alternate route not finding one she decides to make her way to the main office to discuss her
needs at least a better map and instructions
living arrangements and possibly a
for obvious reasons she dosent like her legs exposed
longer skirt.
an army jacket, tank top, sewn up canvas capris
currently wearing

The Perfect Math teacher

Aoki was scrambling to get ready at the last moment. As usual he spent too much time in the bath again. It wasn't his fault, he like to soak. Water was in his nature. He wondered if any of the students would be interested in starting a Bath Club, though in retrospect that could cause trouble.

In the end, he just grabbed all his books and shoved them into his briefcase, hoping he would be able to find what he needed when class started. He managed to shave and his clothes were clean, if not pressed. And for the life of him, he couldn't find any of his ties.

No matter, what was important was teaching, and being a teacher and being there for the students. He didn't really need a need a lesson plan. Aoki knew what the students need to know, and would fall into his groove the moment he stood in front of the class.

He was young. Young enough to catch the eye of the older students as well as other teachers. He was well-groomed and good looking, despite the fact he was inept at using an iron and often lost track of his ties and socks. In fact, he almost always looked like he just came out of the bath or shower. Of course, that was mostly because he did.

Satisfied, he gave his glasses a final wipe and headed down to were the ceremony was to take place. It was probably good if he arrived early, as he could help out with setup if needed. Not bothering with breakfast, he decided to pick up a can of coffee from a lobby vending machine before heading to the school.

As Sam approaches the office, he notices Adel's annoyed face, and quickly figures out her condition. Poor girl. "Excuse me," he says, walking up to her. "You look lost. New here?"

Briefly she stairs at the man, then says Nope I an the herald of the mighty aliens that built this world...
She smiles big
No, but really, I am new and I need some help finding the way into the dorm. Also I wanted to talk to admin about the uniform.

Megumi HayabaraPeering through the windows and gazing upon the people passing by hardly anybody really pays attention to the movement coming from Megumi at the window. People are either going about their daily activities or, as most of the commotion seems to be about, new students are arriving at the dorms along with previous students back for another year. Some of them have a lot of luggage and some of them have very little. Among all the noise, students are greeting each other out on the streets and appear to be getting friendly with each other and talking.

Alex FairchildeAlex shambles along the corridor clearly struggling to wake up fully. This leads him to trip over a suitcase and fall to the floor with a bump. You see this boy looking down at you, offers his left hand to help you up as he holds a gun in his right hand, "Sorry 'bout that. Gotta look where I'm leaving stuff I guess."

Aoki AizawaIt costs you nothing to use the Lobby vending machine as it was set up in the building for the teachers at the school and it was considered to be rather unfair to charge those who work so hard to make the school the type of place the students enjoy. It may not be the best quality of coffee but it hits the spot nicely with a soothing taste. Ready for work and on your way you see lots of activity as students are exploring and learning their way around. You reach the main entrance to the main building where all the main work offices and main hall are located where the ceremony will be held later.

Sam Jacobs & Adel DeforestOutside the Student Support Office situated near the Dorms for the convenience of the students as many will no doubt need help in getting settled in other students pass by. Kana Mishida approaches the Offices and sees you so she rushes over to check up on one of her members of the School Council Taskforce.
Kana smiles and then speaks in an authoritative tone as if she's gotten far too used to telling others what to do, "Hey Sam, doing a good job I see. Keeping all the troublesome students in line ready to start the new year I see and making lots of new friends so I hope you're telling them how important it is to obey the rules. Remember to wear your School Council Taskforce badge at all times. You know how easily things can get out of hand Sam so let's work harder this year."

Sam straightens at Kana's approach, and almost salutes. "Yes ma'am." As Kana walks away, Sam looks apologetically at Adel. "Sorry about that. Kana tries really hard to make sure everyone's doing the right thing, but now that she's in charge, it's started to go to her head." He shakes his head and opens the door to the admin building, saying "This way."


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