1st September 2011

She shakes her head at that, already having retrieved her parasol to walk in the shade. "I am as I always am." As she had eaten before the ceremony, she didn't head to the cafeteria, instead having to somewhat battle the crowd as she tried to make her way back to her dorm.

That, however wasn't working so well.

Sam Jacobs & Megumi Hayabara
It almost seems like with every step Megumi takes forward she ends up being pushed back to where she had started her first step. People weren't paying that much attention and were tripping over each other due to the numbers of people. Sam was having no trouble dealing with the crowds.

Adel Deforest & Alex Fairchilde
People are actually taking notice of Adel's wheelchair and are making sure there's plenty of space for Adel while they all head off in their own directions.
You come out together then Catherine says, "I have preparations to make for later. I suggest you both prepare too. You'll be amazed at all the night life that goes on around here. It changes people you know."
With that Catherine starts to walk off and it's almost like she's splitting apart the flow of the crowds of people as she walks off and people just move out of her way as if some force pushes them out of Catherine's way.

Aoki Aizawa
As all the students leave, the teachers are held behind for one final announcement by the Headmaster, "Remember to keep on your guard tonight, who knows what the students may get up to and the last thing we need is for them to destroy the school for some fun. For all the new teachers, I'll leave you to find out things for yourselves and try not to cause too much trouble yourselves."

Adel makes nice with a few people as she makes her way back toward the dorms, If the night life is that good a short nap until evening will be the order of the day.


Alex makes use of the time afforded him and heads to the cafeteria to grab some food to go. After that was completed Alex began to make his way back to his room for a night of wonderful 'SLEEP.'

Sam sighs. "Megumi, walk behind me." He starts moving through the crowd, making sure she's behind him, and doing his best to clear the path for her without pissing anyone off.

Standing behind her Sam-plough, Megumi gives a little nod, only her parasol really signifying where she was in the flood of people.

Once they've reached the girl's dorms, Sam turns to Megumi. "Try to keep a watchful eye out tonight; the first night's always hectic. Just call me if you need some help." He then makes his way to the boy's dorms, where he strips down to some board shorts and dives into the pool.

She gives a nod before heading inside and preparing herself. Yes, the first night was always a little hectic. Few ever adapted well.


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