1st September 2011

Aoki AizawaA man passes by wearing a badge, it looks like an Identity badge with the school logo on it. On the badge is a photo, along with the name Ivan Livski and a Head of Department note reading Head of, though the word after this is scribbled out even though it's still readable and it reads 'Hacking and Cracking' though underneath the scribble is written Software Engineering.

Sam quickly takes the lead and shows Adel the way to Jake's room.

There were so many students returning from their travels abroad, so much more traffic and noise and chatter. The curtains shifted to their closed position once more as Megumi stepped away from the window and into her artificially lit room. Would this year be different than the last? What would come of this new batch?

If Megumi could be excited, she might have been just a little at this moment.

First, though, she would need to get some breakfast. Today was pancakes.

A few seconds after Sam and Adel enter the boys dorms Sam realizes he's never actually seen Jake's room, or even heard of where it was located. Before they even complete one lap of the building, however, they hear a voice behind them, "Only the first day and you're already showing new girls around the dorm? What will Megumi think?" When they turn to look they find a tall and muscular teenager standing before them, wearing the school uniform under a leather duster, and an eyepatch over his right eye. He nods at Sam, "Good to see you again." he then turns to Adel, "and its a pleasure to meet you, welcome to Limitless... I heard you wanted to see me."

(sorry for taking so long to post, I just couldn't figure out what I wanted Jake to do... a problem I hope not to have happen again... or at least in the near-future... also, seeing as how I haven't chosen a color yet for his talking, I'm probably going to bounce it around for awhile)

The girl in the wheelchair spins in place, looks up at you, and smiles. Hey I was wondering if I could get a waver on the skirt, I don' t like people seeing my legs.

Sam smiles and, knowing that Jake will take good care of Adel, makes his way to the breakfast hall. Today is pancakes day, so he knew Megumi would be there. He walks into the hall and quickly takes in the confusion before him. He then wanders over to the buffet table, takes his share of pancakes and grabs the strawberry sauce before heading to Megumi's table. "You always forget to grab the sauce," he says. "How you feeling today?"

She glances up at him, having been looking along the table for that tasty red liquid for a few moments before he arrived. The instant she locked on to it in his hands, her own had already grabbed it and were pouring it all over her pancakes, her expression and demeanor seeming more or less the same as always, eternally hard to read. "I have rested well, and the sun is not too bright, so I am well."

Jake's eye subconsciously drop down to her missing legs, then after a moment's hesitation he drags his eye away and responds, "Well then, cover them."

She looks up at him slightly annoyed "Yea, but you are my student counsel rep, apparently, so I need you to sign off on the dress code alteration. Or at least that is what the office said."


"Excellent.That means I don't have to be anywhere until this afternoon." Nodding to Lucas Alex turned and began to head back to his room for a much needed nap. Mumbling to himself along the way."Nap...wake up eat a bite or two, head to this stupid ceremony, and then eat again., AND then sleep till morning.Man I wish everyday could be like this, minus the ceremony of course."


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