1st September 2011

"The office was wrong, and I don't sign off on stuff, sorry. The most I can do for you is to take it up with the School Council to change the rule around... 'til then, the best I can tell you for now, is that rule-breaking leads to consequences..." He goes silent for a moment, but then offers an olive branch, "And you only have to wear the uniform while you're at school." his eye widens slightly, as if emphasizing 'school'...

Aoki looked at the man at his computer and didn't really pay too much notice to the badge. After all, a real hacker still has to have an appreciation for math, and that's a good thing. He walked up to him in between sips of coffee and asked him, "Um, excuse me. I am trying to find an Ebony Me-king? I'm supposed to report to him?"

Adel sighs "well, I guess i'll just wear socks, or alternatively get punished and sue the school." she laughs but looks sad and turns to leave.
if there is nothing else I will pick up at the dorm getting ready for the opening ceremony

Sam smiles and pushes his pancakes across to Megumi. "Here, have mine. I'm not too hungry today, and I know how much you like them." His eyes narrow. "You should be wearing some sunscreen. You know how annoying it is for me everytime you get burnt."

She WOULD respond to his comment, but strawberry covered pancakes were before her, and until they were gone, words were difficult.

1.6 seconds later, "I will not burn."

Sam snorts. "Yeah, and the sun'll rise in the west tomorrow. Girl, you burn in thunderstorms. Here, use some of mine." He passes a tube he kept in his pocket for just such occasions to her.

A glance at the tube was followed by one right at Sam. "We are in the cafeteria..."

Aoki AizawaThis man looks at you strangely and has a look of confusion on his face.
Spoken in a Ukrainian accent
“Ebony Me-King? Sorry, I not understand. You mean Evans? If so, he in Office at end of corridor.”
He points at the corridor to the right.
Spoken in a Ukrainian accent
“My name Ivan Livski. I have business attend to. Good meeting you.”
He exits the building. As you head down the corridor, you start to take note of smoke coming out of one of the Offices and on the door is a sign reading ‘Evans McKings’.

Sam Jacobs & Megumi HayabaraThe Cafeteria is large and caters for all sorts of food and drink, it’s mainly a buffet style of set-up though fresh meals can be made to order so you can go back and help yourself as much as you want. The Cafeteria is open most of the day and there is no cost as all of this is covered in student fees for attending the school. There is lots of chatter coming from the various people sitting and eating though there are some who keep turning their heads to stare at Megumi as they clearly show that they have never seen anyone who looked like that before.

Adel DeforestReturning to your room, a female voice from behind you speaks with a rather eerie tone, “I sense that there is lingering sadness, a lost hope of something you wanted but was rejected. The wheelchair could do with a coat of black paint too.”

Alex FairchildeHeading back off to your room, Lucas grabs your arm, “I can tell you’re the type of person who would surely appreciate the fine craftsmanship of such beautiful pieces of art, well I suppose they’re guns but to me they are pieces of art. There is so much to learn. I’ll show you my collection.”
He attempts to drag you along to his room, clearly showing signs of excitement and eagerness to share his love of guns with someone else. You get the impression he would talk your head off about guns and would insist upon keeping you awake.

Spinning to face the voice You don't beat me that easily, and this is just a loner if my luggage is here my chair will be too.

Megumi doesn't seem to notice the stares and chatter, whether she's preoccupied with the sun tan lotion or accustomed to the fact that she will always be peculiar to other people remains up for debate. Standing from her table, she picks up her tray to bring it over to the drop-off area, the lotion atop said tray as she walks.

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