1st September 2011

Adel Deforest"My name is Catherine Hart. I wasn't trying to beat you, just merely saying what I see. The voices tell me all sorts of things you see and the things I see aren't visible to everyone."
She smiles, walks on by and as she walks off she says, "Look out for the one who will enter your room tonight. Be prepared."

Megumi HayabaraAs Megumi takes her tray to the drop off point, one of the canteen staff, a middle aged lady dressed in her canteen uniform with dark black hair that is showing signs of going grey and hazel eyes though she shows signs of having been around food a lot with her slightly chubby but otherwise healthy body build, puts a bag on Megumi's tray, "Here's some extras for you to take back to your room young lady. You need to get plenty to eat and plenty of rest to take care of yourself. Make sure the boyfriend takes good care of you too."
She gives a little smile and continues on with her work to clean the tables and put the chairs back in the correct places.

Sam chases after Megumi as soon as he realises what she's doing with the sunscreen. He manages to snatch it up just before it goes in the bin. At the lady's remark, he looks up incredulously. "Boyfriend?!?"

Aoki Aizawa

Aoki frowned as he saw the smoke. He and smoke and firey things in general did not get along all that well, unless it pertained to heating water for coffee, tea or a nice bath. Still, he knocked on the door before
not being rude, I just didn't want to use a post knocking on a door
entering entering. Once he stepped in, he looked around and then introduced himself to the person he believed to be Evans McKings, "Aoki Aizawa. I believe I was to see you sir?"

um... thanks. I didn't mean to imply anything, just that I never give up. Am I going to need a knife?

No answer is given to the knock, but through the door quite mumbling could be heard.

As Aoki enters he's met with a face full of dark black smoke. The room seemed to be full of the black fog and smelled of smoke and ash. As more of the darkness escapes into the hall Aoki sees a figure seated behind the desk only just visible past the piles of papers. His fiery red hair and the black smoke trailing from the cigarette hanging lazily between his lips do give Aoki a good impression.

At the voice the man looks up from the papers and makes a show of taking a long drag of his smoke as he took the other man in. cigarette still hanging in his mouth he speaks, "Huh, hadn't been expecting you for another half hour yet. Commendable. Anyway give me a second to find the instruction sheet." His voice is unmistakably Irish in origin. He spends a moment moving and shuffling papers. "Move to digital they say. They can suck sulfur, if I want to tell someone something I look'em in the eye." He mumbles, finally pulling out the sheet he wants. He holds the sheet out the wet behind the ears professor.

"That's your class schedule, obviously no need to go until after the assembly. I'll get the class list's by the end of the week when everything is settled. Now you can head to the assembly hall. There has got to be some students that are eager to be seated. Make sure they sit in the right section for their year and confiscate any of the more obvious weapons until after the ceremony. I don't feel like getting shot this term just because some smart ass doesn't have the attention span of four year old."

He takes another long drag of his smoke before ginning, "Any Questions?"


Alex more or less allows himself to be let. Curse his not wanting to be rude on the first day.At least he would have the full after noon to sleep until the next day."I guess I have time to look at one or two of them."

Megumi is rather preoccupied with the ruby-coated deliciousness on her plate, but she manages a small thank-you before she registers the second part of that sentence, whereupon she turns and looks back to Sam. "You are my boyfriend..?" A peculiar phrase considering her forever-neutral expression.

Aoki Aizawa

Aoki wasn't too sure how to react to this person. He wasn't against smoking per se, but for the most part it wasn't the kind of thing he would do himself. Still, the man was polite enough and provided Aoki with the information that he needed, "No questions, Sir. I will do my best to make sure things run smoothly." He paused and thought for a moment, "Like a stream." He added. He wasn't sure why but he just felt like saying it.

Taking the schedule, he bowed politely and backed out of the office. Now to head to the assembly hall. If there was one thing Aoki was looking forward to it was the bright and fresh faces.

If you want to keep chatting thats cool but I need to change and its involved, so keep talking at the door. Adel closes the door and changes into her uniform shirt and a pair of slacks with sewn legs. she gets into her chair, black with wheels at an angle and folds up the airlines loner for later return. Packing some things into a backpack and strapping it to the rear handles. The door opens and Adel begins brushing her hair wondering where the strange girl got her portents.

Adel DeforestCatherine responds to Adel's question, "A knife? That all depends on you doesn't it, though I don't see much need for concern. So, I take it this is your first time attending this school?" She has an icy piercing stare, a slightly morbid expression and the eerie tone seems to be her normal speaking voice, it's as though she's gotten far too used to speaking that way.

Aoki AizawaYou reach the Hall where the ceremony is to be held, it's a large room with tiered seating, a stage at the front, there are microphones and large TV screens around the room so that everyone can get a decent view of the stage due to the cameras set up. There are some students wandering about as if trying to determine if this is supposed to be the room they will need to attend later while looking at their maps that have been provided. There are some teaching staff doing some work on finalising the setting up of everything. On the stage there is a speaking area and a line of chairs behind it. To the sides of the Hall are chairs designated by a sign that says 'For Teaching Staff'.

Alex FairchildeLucas drags you in to his room where you jsut about manage to avoid tripping on the scattered magazines and books on guns all over the floor while the walls are filled with what appear to be an assortment of different guns from different time periods and countries. "Here, have a seat. Still haven't worked out where I'm going to store everything else though."

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