Lucas Lambert

Height: 5'9"
Age: 16

Lucas originates from the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec in Canada. Lucas was born to a family of magic users who specialised in utilising their magic powers with guns as their focal points. The Lamberts are among the most highly regarded Guncasters in both Canada and the world. From a young age he has been taught the ways of the Guncaster and has even attended some secret meetings where Guncasters meet to just socialise in general and sometimes even have their own little tournaments. From an early age, Lucas showed signs of not just being fascinated with his own gun that he uses for the purposes of casting but all guns. He collects replicas, real guns, buys every magazine relating to guns and is practically a walking encyclopedia on the subject of guns. He also claims that he can get anyone any type of gun at the best possible price, the down side is that should his family ever find out he's abusing his position somewhat to spread his gun passion in such a way he's likely to be the target of some punishment He's your average kind of nice guy apart from his rather volatile temperament at times, it's just that when he gets excited he can become a bit overly trigger happy and doesn't always think about what he's doing or the consequences of his actions. An impulsive and reckless type of person who has also had some experience of secretly protecting his home city from the shadows. He even got awards for his marksmanship at such a young age. He has spent some time going through military academies to help with discipline issues as well as learning the fundamentals of war and battle considering that he has been trained to fight. He enjoys nothing more than finding a great opportunity to use his gun or talk about his guns so his parents decided that the School of Limitless Possbility may be worth a shot where he can meet all sots of talented people and maybe learn lots of positive things from them as well as gaining some excellent educational opportunities.