Shades of Grey (OOC)

Nice one FotR

Still can't catch Sir Type-a-lot ;(

I noticed PC is back ... you should have just done that by chapters PC, then I could have broken it down and read it over a week )

Yeah, I was sat in the airport and the wifi I was utilizing through the wall of the business class lounge was super slow, so there was plenty of time to type. Plus I'd finished all my books...

Well, Corvana is supposed to get your hackles up. She's not exactly a super friendly NPC. And her bravado is a combination of poor social skills and trying to fit in. She does have darkvision however.

Also, I'm not sure how old Willow is or how good she reads people but, regardless of her jealousy, she can probably see that Corvana is a teenager with a crush.

Oh, Willow is young (hence why I use "the young huntress" a lot).

Didn't I put her age in ?? Here, from character page ... I should make her 16 rather then 18 as that would add to her lack of experience and impetuousness ...

Willow Groundrunner
Female Longtooth Shifter, Level 3
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lb (in Human form, a little heavier in Shifter)
Age: 18
Alignment: Unaligned
Deity: Fartha

Herp derp. I totally missed that NGP. I would say keep her 18 because it's a little more wisdom but still all the folly and brashness of youth. Also, Corvana is 16 and I think one immature teenager is good enough for the party

It's funny how age is mostly a non-factor in D&D. I've always had some issues wrapping my head around leveling in relation to age: I know it's an abstraction and all but to have 20 year olds and 40 year olds that are the same level and gaining experience too fast, etc. When I think too hard about it, I go cross-eyed.

Next time Corvana is a kitty, she may find jaws as large as the kitty around her, eating her as a snack

Willow hopes that has straightened the witch out ... she is now out ranging in front of the group by about 60', well within sight of Travok and the witch ...

It's because he loves her Huntyr ... and he couldn't be bothered arguing with her, she would just sulk or storm off ... LOL

trying to tell Willow do to anything is impossible so Kadal is learning how to tie an apron on as a free action

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