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Have you been to Nycromus before?
Some of your characters are travellers and sailors and its most certainly not unheard of for someone well-travelled to have been to the Black Isles. Has your character been there before? If so, how many times? In what capacity? What did they think of it and the people there?

What is your plan for reaching the Baron?
Do you intend to sneak there? Will you just take a direct route and follow the roads? Will you turn yourself into one of the many unfleshed patrols? The journey will likely take a few days, will you sleep in the woods and plains? Look for inns and taverns? Go through villages or avoid them?

What is your ultimate goal now?
Pharrum is dead so that complicates things. There is no obvious, easy way to get off the island nor to get to the Baron. When you do reach him, what are you going to do? What sort of questions do you intend to ask?

How are you going to deal with the poison?
You have clearly been poisoned by something strong and unnatural, something resistant to mundane and magical attempts (so far). Do you have any plans to deal with this?

Posting again from my tablet running through my cell lol. I will have real internet come thursday wooo!!!

Thorn has travelled through the black isles, enjoyed the big cities and taverns he saw, but likely has been misunderstood by some ppl due to his travelling and womenizing and drinking lol.

As for a plan to reach the baron its all about the inns and straight forward method. With some persuasion in any form needed is thorns style

For an ultimate goal its all about the challenge and ego for thorn so he wants to drink and womenize and take care of the baron because he can.

As for the poison thorn could provide magic power or knowledge to travok or someone as needed but without prompting will think its not his problem and if he can deal with it everyone else can too

1) Probably dropped anchor there, wouldn't have gone further than the waterfront taverns that his fellow sailors had gone to, so he can drink and gamble with them (probably sailors from other ships to avoid any hard feelings following a streak of luck). Unlikely to have actually met any locals aside from wenches in the taverns. Wouldn't have been on the actual island, or out of sight of the sea even.

2) I'm thinking we sneak there cross country, avoiding the villages etc. and sleeping in the outdoors - this depends on any info we get on the set-up of the country and these patrols (i.e. is there a curfew, are people confined to their villages, can you travel without a permit, do these patrols generally patrol the countryside or the villages to maintain order). Not sure where this info would come from, but if thorn's been there he might know.

We'll presumably need to come to a party consensus on that one though

3) Well, my plan was rock up at the Baron's door and say something like "You wanted to see us sir?" Given that we would then be in his custody basically the ball would be in his court to throw us in prison or interrogate us or whatever he wanted. If he denied knowledge of the attempt to capture us I guess we explain what happened in private and suggest he has some kind of not-quite-a-traitor in his midst, given the specific instructions of our capture.

4) Given that they are probably his unfleshed patrols, I was planning on asking the Baron how to deal with the poison when we met him

I guess I'll wait for one more answer before posting my response as PC and Random posted conflicting methods for getting to the Baron.

Well, mines dependent on what info Samm gets (if any) regarding the isles security set up, but in the event of no info that'll be what he suggests, based simply on the fact that getting to the Baron's door without being accosted by seeing no-one seems more likely given the parties current outdoorsy bent, rather than having to rely on lies and deception

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