Shades of Grey (OOC)

All right, I've made my move. If anyone sees anything incorrect, please feel free to let me know. Also....these dice are weighted >.> Out of 7 rolls there have been 3 2s and 2 3s. I was so excited when I previewed my post and my attack roll was 13

Whilst I'm thrilled that Kadal hit and all, being our second hit - I thought the crowds were innocent bystanders?

EDIT:// Nevermind, I misunderstood, I thought you were charging the crowd, not past the crowd So, woo, we're getting into the swing of things. Next round'll be a slew of crits!

Ooohhh ... Wish Lists ... can i get a pet panda


Will have Willow's up tonight

How many items should be on our wishlist by the way? Also, do you just want it here, or should we append our posts in the character thread for easy reference? I'll put it here for the moment.

For reference, the ** items are hugely much wanted, the * items are wanted, and the others would just be nice to have. Basically its a ranked wishlist Additionally, the item / item items indicate where I only want one of them since they fill the same slot, I don't mind which. If I have to pick one specific one I will, the one picked will probably depend on how the levels pan out.

EDIT:// Now present on 'Character Sheet'

@ huntyr You could get a pet penquin ??

I would like the wish lists attached to your character "sheets" for easy reference and a few items at each level would be nice so I can pick and choose when I hand out loot.

And you guys already have a panda <rolls eyes, slaps knee>

:O He's right. We do. Then I want a pony. I'll name her buttercup. As for my actual magical items I'm working on that. I wish there was one singular reference. I keep going between the Player's Handbook 1+2 and the Adventurer's Vault 1+2. I have them on my computer, but it's still a lot of virtual page turning.

Damn, I wanted a Pony called Buttercup ;(

A Psuedo-dragon then, like from OD&D

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