Shades of Grey (OOC)

Can't get a better Diplo roll then that AI ... though as we know, Ty goes with the RP (great post by the way -- still not sure why everyone is blaming the pure innocent and never hurt a fly Willow for all this ...)

My apologies to Avid, Zellos, Random, Huntyr and PureChance, but NGP has officially made my favorite post.

To see Willow, proud, headstrong Willow, sacrifice herself for her friends like that? That's a Boromir moment to me. That's what role-playing is all about. Maybe the post isn't the longest we've seen (*cough PC cough*) but the emotional resonance? The impact?

Hell yeah.

Thanks Ty


Sorry peeps, I've put it in a /private text ... when it's been resolved, one way or the other ... I'm sure Ty will un-private it

Yeah, honestly, I don't see any reason why you guys shouldn't be able to see. I'll leave this to NGP whether to keep it private or not.

I'd prefer to keep it private until it is resolved one way or the other Ty ... but feel free to make it un-private ??? is that even a word ??

Originally Posted by huntyr View Post
keep it private, we can make up our own versions better that way ;-)

Waiting on Ty's Reply ... my oh my

Poet and didn't know it

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