Shades of Grey (OOC)

Removed the private tags ... as Willow is now back with you.

Avid pointed out to me that my latest post may be difficult to respond to and this may be true. That said, I'm in the middle of a busy week so I may or may not be able to add to it before the weekend. Then again, you guys are pretty awesome. I'm sure one of you can come up with something to post.

Based on NGP's last two posts, I suspect his player's in his other games are hearing about what a monster I am for what I've done to poor, poor Willow...

I haven't Ty ... but they all know you're constantly trying to kill the innocent little shifter ... no need to remind them

Power Chosen ... not levelled yet ...

Also, I'm out most of the day tomorrow and need to get an early-ish night tonight -- I'll post tomorrow night Ty (so by about lunch-ish time your time )

Willow levelled -- all powers / skills / etc updated in MW Character Sheet and character section of Shades of Grey.

Thorn leveled and updated sheet. And holy wall of text, shocked to see I'm the first one to get around to doing the wall of text post lol

I've been kind of busy as I have an exam on Wed Also mulling over where I'm going to go with the dream.

Samm's also all leveled up with his new at will as well. Incidentally, I'm not sure if you're aware of it and Astral Fire was a deliberate pick, but you could instead get Implement Focus which would get you +1/2/3 on all your powers, rather than just the fire and radiant ones.

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