Shades of Grey (OOC)

@ AI Was that a hit ... yayyyyy

@AP Hi mate, a quick one on Minor Action: Draw weapon. For a dual wielder with two light weapons, can I draw both as a minor action ??

It won't matter in this round, but it will definitely come up later (unless we're lock in manacles on an Ash Elf slave barge of course)

I'm going to assume by AP, you meant RP...and yeah, sure, you can draw both with a minor. I don't see any reason why not. Well, I do see a reason but it involves me being a stringent, unfair dick so I don't see any good reason.

Doh, yes, it was RP

Kids around when posting ... sort of distracting


Swish! If the pirate in front of her is taking an opportunity attack, Samm will be punishing suchly:

@ Zellos LOL, I think at this rate, two hits per complete turn is a 100% improvement

Oh well, 1 down (maybe 2??) only 1, 2, 3, 4 ... 10, 11 ... lots to go

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