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For pointless information of others, the below formula in excel will calculate out the # of points to increase a stat from 10, replace #Num# with either a cell reference or the stat number to increase, use the 2nd formula for an 8 base lol.. I really should just look at this as numbers and equations,, easier to understand lol


You can also chuck your scores into here and test their validation if you're not an excel wizard.

You could raise your Dex by another 2 points, which would give you an extra point of AC, initiative, damage and reflex, and then chuck the spare point into Con for the extra surge (since you only get bonuses at even numbers I try to avoid odds). That would be 10, 12, 16, 10, 10, 16 before your racial stat bonus and 10, 12, 16, 10, 10, 18 afterwards? I see that's what you just did

I like having odds, so at level 4, they become bigger evens, otherwise you have to wait for level 8 to get another bonus point if they're all even


So, two quick things, crew:

1. I've had a terrible headache all day so I'm avoiding my 'puter. If I feel better, I'll try to get the first post up tonight but tomorrow morning or afternoon is looking far more likely.

2. The last player just accepted the invite and I'd like to give him a chance to get his character all done up.

In the mean time, you guys could maybe discuss how some of you perhaps know each other? I'll give you the details you know so far:
  • None of you have to know each other if you don't want to but it's always more fun if some of the characters have a connection.
  • You currently reside in the Undercity of Rosha Than'Dur (details in the "Setting" thread). How long you've been here is up to you; you may be a new arrival or you may have been born and raised. The city will stay relevant (sort of a base of operations/port of call) for most of the game.
  • You may or may not be "known" in these areas but certainly nowhere near well enough to draw the attention of the Nosotros, Rahyr or Overcity (you are only first level after all).
  • The game will be starting with you all participating in a city-wide festival (The Festival of Children). Think of it as Halloween, except costumes ward away illness, bad luck and spirits from children and kids don't go around getting candy: they participate in fairs, events, games, contests and other things. It is a festival designed to celebrate youth, new generations and the future.
  • You do not have a ship. You may work on ships but so far, nothing permanent.

For my character, I would think that he might be acquainted with Samm or Willow through his many travels among the core islands, but it would make sense if he knew huntyr's character Kadal, since the Mungo and the Dwarves are close. Let me know what you guys think.

Travok is in the undercity attempting to gain access to the libraries and scholars of the upper city; he's trying to find out where some of the greater spirits might reside so he can meet them and learn from them.

Thanks RP, hope you're feeling better soon

In my background, Willow speaks Dwarven and tales of the "big world out there" woo'ed her to leave her people (with their blessing of course.)

So ... if Zellos is happy, she could have left with Travok a few weeks (days, etc) ago to see the biggest Festival of Children in Rosha Than'Dur ... she may know him from when their Ark visited her nomadic tribes to trade stories and goods.

One of their migratory islands is Ta'ayn, and as Travok "left to find the spirits" there, they could have met ...

Up to you ... if anyone can fit their background to Willow's, happy to enter the game with them


Doh, Zellos, we posted at the same time

If there's dunk tanks, I can be a drunk getting dunked lol, and likely my char wouldn't know anyone directly (likely) just a random drunk adventure who spends too much time in the taverns and doing adventuring when an interesting one comes up.

If there's a group of 3 or so of you in a tavern I can foresee Samm overhearing you chatting about travelling somewhere, and offering his services in protection, as long as he can get a cut of what is found, or some other payment. Even if its just around the Undercity, its a dodgy place, and considering you're all new you might need a hand against some muggers etc.

As for what group it is in the pub, well perhaps Travok and Willow met on the ship, and then met Thorn in the pub - since Thorn's quite charismatic he might have struck up a conversation with them? Perhaps Kadal knew Travok, and it was Kadal, Travok and Willow who are in the pub? Lots of options there really.

As far as knowing a Dwarven Shaman - whilst he may have met Travok before on one of his travels, he's unlikely to remember him, unless there was some major storm Travok calmed or similar. I'm not sure how viable it is for Travok to have done something like that considering he's still discovering the spirits and his powers, so I don't think Samm would know him enough to be adventuring with. However, if Travok is part of the group of people chatting in the pub who Samm overhears and offers his service to he might recognise Samm and mention that he's seen him work before, and that Samm seemed reliable. Mind you, I don't know if a sailor would have made any more impression on Travok than Tavok would have made on Samm, although Travok may have a better memory.

My original reason for adventuring, not yet written up, was basically going to be - his latest job had a big pay-off but he came too close to getting caught, and no doubt executed, by the Rahyr for his liking (not as an individual, just as another guy breaking the law). However whilst on it, he met another person who had done a bit of adventuring, and suggested that Samm try his hand at a bit of freelance work. Bigger cuts, less run-ins with the law (usually), and more choice over what he does day to day, rather than signing a contract and suddenly finding himself in the middle of a war he wasn't expecting.

The Undercity would probably be Samm's 'home' as much as any place could be i.e. it would be the city he felt most at home in, and was probably born in - the port he aimed for in between jobs. So the reason he's in the undercity is because his current job just paid out, and now he's drinking, gambling and weighing up the idea of 'freelance' mercenary work. (Spoiler - he's going to decide to give it a go )

EDIT:// Promise to stop editing now.

EDIT:// Character/player confusion, which is now fixed, making the whole post less confusing hopefully.

Noobie, it it's all right with you, we could say that Travok met Willow when he left his Ark, and when she had just decided to leave her people? They travelled together for a time before Travok felt the need to commune with the spirits alone, and now they'll be pleased to run into each other in the Undercity? Travok's been away from his Ark for some time now.

Purechance; I agree that they wouldn't know each other, but I mainly thought that they might recognize each other. I guess we'll see how it turns out once we get started. Also, Thorn is the human mage, my character is Travok


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