Shades of Grey (OOC)

True enough, gives me another round to make my poison save

Awesome, I didn't know about that being a minor action, and I forgot that I could do that with heal, nice. I've edited my post.

Edit: I know it's not my job per se, but I'd like to land at least one attack roll!

LOL ... I'll tell you what, keeping Willow alive means any hits she makes, you can claim

Ouch, not only do I think I didn't hit the bugger, but I've still got ongoing Poison damage

She has regen 2 and Ongoing Poison 10 ... not too helpful

EDIT: I'm going to use an action point - see if I can hit the bugger before the shifter goes down ...

All is not lost - its trickier, but
Grant a Saving Throw (DC 15): The subject can either make a saving throw immediately or gain a +2 bonus to a saving throw at the end of its next turn.
we can apparently fix you before your turn comes around! I think Samm's the only other one aside from Travok trained in heal, so you will get two chances, and both of us have slightly better than even chances.

As long as someone can keep the healer's safe from AoO from the damned tiefling :0

Though if 17 hits the tiefling, Willow has hit him 3 times for quite a fair bit of damage ...

Yah, and what is the rule on ongoing poison when you go beneath zero ... does it continue, or does it stop then ??

If it stops once you are below zero, does Willow's regen also stop ??

Otherwise if the poison stops, but she continues to regen, she will eventually recover ... unless the encounter ends, in which case her regen stops as well ...

I think that ongoing damage continues to apply whilst you are unconscious, however regeneration explicitly doesn't apply whilst you are below 0HP unfortunately.

Also looks like you took one to many actions? Standard, AP Standard, Move, Minor, Minor ?

Mind you, now that we can all focus our attention on the big boy he might go down quicker

I love that Willow's life is standing on the edge of life and death and the party is struggling to keep her alive.

As for the extra actions, yup, you did use too many but don't bother editing it. It was a dramatic moment where Willow, on the verge of death, got a little bite back on him. It makes for good narrative so I'm not going to lose sleep over one extra placed Hunter's Quarry.

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