Shades of Grey (OOC)

Game is go for launch

Random: Still need an alignment and speech color for Thorn.
Huntyr: Need a speech color for Kadal.

Thought Thorn was Dark Red?

Incidentally, thats fine with me Lola (I may also call you avid, or Ashara - actually that goes for everyone, sometimes I can't remember character names or handles, so I tend to use them interchangeably, sorry about that).

I would add a slight extra bit to it if you are OK - perhaps, depending on Ashara's age, Samm and Ashara knew each other growing up, which is why he tries to meet up with her when he gets back into port, just to catch up on some of the local gossip etc. and because its nice to chat to someone you know. Since Samm's quite old (for an adventurer) Ahsara would probably have been a toddler/young child when Samm knew her, and Samm would probably have been early teens if you're happy to go with that? Just gives the characters a little more attachment and reason to go adventuring, unless Ashara is the type of person to jump up and go whizzing off on a new adventure at the drop of the hat? The reason I mention it for Ashara specifically is that living in Undercity she may have more attachment to it as a home - Samm is used to moving around a lot, and I imagined Thorn, being a chaos sorcerer, to be up for random runaways.

N.B. As an aside, Kadal should have 30HP (17 +13 Con score) and 10 (9 +1 Con mod) Surges rather than 22 and 6 - Wardens are HP machines!

thats what I get for not looking it over, he should indeed. I'll also be sure to add a diety

Well, since we have the first post I guess we can get started? I'm new to play by post, so I'd be happier to let someone else take the lead here and then get started.

I'm going to use my example post from earlier in the OOC, modified slightly

Don't you hate short posts

A little more effort next time PureChance ... LOL

Well, I think that is everyone introduced into the game for you RP

@RP Is there a "Green Goddess" / "Mother Nature" / etc religion??

I'm happy to go with whoever you feel is right, but I'm guessing they would have to be followers of Life Magic

I'm just using the standard D&D gods until I have my own pantheon fully fleshed out (for example, in the mungo descrption, it mentions they worship Fartha). Actually, the closest thing would probably be Fartha: he's the God of Life. His sister, Farah, is the Goddess of Death (and the planet's twin moons were named for them).

Just so everyone knows, I have errands to run today and I'm going to a Halloween party tonight so I may throw a short post in this afternoon, but there won't be any updating this evening.

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