Shades of Grey (OOC)

Yeah, don't expect all my posts to be that length

If you're looking for the standard version of that, it's probably Silvanus if you're looking for the unaligned version.

He is? Whoops. I thought it was Chauntea who was the FR version. Probably both.

Sorry if I went to far with Ashara and Thorn there, let me know if I did. That is just how Samm thinks their meeting happened though, might not be the whole story, presumably it was Ashara who told him that it happened that way.

EDIT:// Pelor *might* also be suitable, since he's apparently god of the harvest. Core doesn't seem to do Mother goddess particularly well now I look through them to be honest - the only proper nature goddess is Melora, and I've always thought of her as more uncaring than motherly, only a couple of steps from Kord when it comes to the Storms and destruction parts of his domain. Perhaps her destructive bent is just my imagination though. Either way Fartha is probably the way forward, wouldn't want to disagree with the DM over his own setting (also it genuinely seems the best fit)

Are you going to be converting all the Core deities to homebrew ones over time? Just so I know to update Samm's to whomever the main god/goddess of the sea is when it happens

I intend to convert them all, yes. I'd be done already but, y'know, that pesky life thing keeps getting in the way and honestly, the deities are low on my priority lists for this setting.

According to my computer's clock, you posted before the current time. You're a time wizard!

*Shifty eyes* Or more accurately, probably shifty British Timezones and the clocks going back this weekend. I have no idea what time it actually is where you are, but since I seem to recall it being somewhere West of Britain I guess its just getting on towards evening there now, so enjoy your Halloween party

I will, good sir! And Avidinception and I (and I think maybe Random and Zellos?) are in Western Canada. Pacific time/GMT-8. So yeah, it's just past 4 PM here.

This also explains why you put the "u" in colour in your last colour tag in the IC post

Ah, cheers for the fix I try to remember, but once may occasionally slip through. Usually its just an inconsistency in spelling in one post, where I forget whether I first used armor or amour (and it doesn't help that Firefox underlines all the American versions in red), the only time it's really noticeable is in the tags, since I type them by hand rather than the highlighting method. Mostly because I'm too lazy to open the "Go Advanced" box.

Hey, I also type'em by hand so I hear you. In a word processor. Then copy-paste. Like I said, I'm pretty anal about stuff like that. This goes for everyone but don't get offended if I edit your posts for things like that :/

Post up, and nah PC it's all good I didnt solidify anything so I dont mind you writing a bit of back story for me, plus its totally in character for Ashara.

And yes Zellos and random are western canada too. Not too far from us Ty.

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