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Just to clarify in case anyone doesn't know... the golems don't roll to hit or damage, you do not get a saving throw or a reaction adjustment and you can roll initiative if you want but you will always lose.

Very nice scene everyone!

I'm thoroughly enjoying the pub atm!

It's great to see the RP come across so well.

I did, that was an old gag actually from the olden days when 2nd ed was still in print.

I was consistantly being a pain in the butt to the DM, I was like 13 at the time I think... Anyway, every time he went to do something I'd undo whatever it was, usually with fire, tactics, logic or RP, which meant I kept dismantling his adventures and then we'd use his lack of prep for various instances to go run off the rails with the characters.

Anyway, being that I was 13 and he was like 40ish at the time (my friend's dad) he started to take this personally and dislike me because I always ruined all of his stuff, and even when I wasn't able to act, by that point I'd already infected the group with creativity and thought rather than just "kick the door in and roll innit" tactics, so disabling me wasn't enough because Pandora had opened the box. He really he took it personal.

He one day warned me that if I didn't behave that I was done for...which technically I wasn't really doing anything wrong, and in retrospect he was just a bad DM that couldn't improvise well... but I can't say I didn't enjoy punching holes in his adventures cuz he was kind of noodge...

Well I went off and did something he didn't like and then he dropped a giant rock on my head in the middle of a field while no one else was around... I also wasn't in a field, but he put me in one all of a sudden?

"Do I get a saving throw?"


"How about a reaction adjustment?"


"How much damage does it do?"

"NO!!! You're just dead, now get out of my game and don't come back!"

it was one of my earlier /trollfaces, but it was totally worth it and I regret nothing

We need a quote wall =D

I'm against them personally for a couple reasons...

firstly is because they aren't generally as funny in retrospect, especially if you are on the outside of the joke... secondly, then you get everyone and their brother dropping quotes on the wall, and suffice to say, not everyone has the same sense of humor, so a good pile of it is just terribly unfunny... and the only way to rectify that is to pick and choose what stays and goes and that's just a popularity contest at that point. I don't hate the concept of the quote wall, just everything that goes with it

ahhh it's always the misunderstood and excluded

Checking in. Waiting in Room 15 for adventure. Tempted to head back out into the pub for RP.

i'm going to join one the adventure in a post or two. Hopefully others will as well.

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