Chapter 2: Landfall

"I definitely agree about the water... and I think it might be better to play it safe along the shoreline for now.". Rollo offers nothing about his night's sleep.

I'd hate to split up our numbers but you are right Garnett, someone needs to keep an eye out here. Griselda could you make a few tools now before we move out to leave with the lads so they can work on some weapons?

We'll take some food and water with us and hope we find water close by. I would not wish to leave the boat abandoned on the beach if we can help it.

Eat up and gather your supplies those who wish to come along, the sooner we get out there the more daylight we'll have.
she finishes up with a hint of command in her voice already picking some of the rations to take with her.

"An ebony knife would give us a good way to start, and I imagine on this land we'll find shards of obsidian a plenty for cuttin' edges. We'll gather some wood and stone from here'bouts and set to fashionin' some rough weapons." Garnett states. With the others preparing to set out, he goes to awaken the young gnome. Avedis looks torn.

"I'll go along with you, Tempest," the halfling states at length, gathering up a few supplies for the trek, "How long do you plan to be away from this place? The morning? The day? Through the night?" he asks, unsure of how much of the provisions to take.


Seeing Avedis decide to go with the scouting party seems to decide matters for Raphaela as well. For a moment she looks toward her high heeled boots, that she left in the camp last, and decides not to put them on. As long as they stayed on the beach she would be fine barefoot... besides... Griselda can make shoes right? Or at least cogs if they head into the jungle. Then she smirks at Avedis's ration delima. "Avedis, here is some advice from mi grandda. 'One can never have ta much.'" Heh. And true to Merricks words, Raphaela has an amount of rations with her you sure her thin self could not eat in one day.

Tempests nods to Avedis with a smile, she was going to suggest he accompany them, he maybe handy if they did run into any natives.

I hope to be back before dusk, I do not think it wise for us to be split through the hours of darkness. We'll explore till the midday and if we have not found what we need by then we head in the other direction tomorrow. By then we should have more weapons care of Garnett and Cricket.

Then with a look at Raphaela's pile of ration and raising a brow she adds We should have enough supplies to last a couple of days till we find more if we are careful.

Griselda makes an ebony knife and mallet for Garnett, and simple flat leather slippers for Raphaela since she is no shoemaker. She then makes some spears for whoever wants one.

Indicating south to where Rollo had seen the break, Griselda suggests

'I think there is a good place to start. Hopefully it really is a river, in which case we have solved our fresh water problems. Maybe some fish too.'

Not arguing the point with Rollo over point she gratefully takes a spear from Griselda and waits for the others to be ready to head out. Wishing she had her old crossbow with her she tightens her grip on the wooden weapon hefting it up slightly to gauge its weight and feel. She could of course boost the damage she could cause with such a weapon by a little bit of storm magic. With a silent nod to herself her returns the butt of the creation back into the black sands.

With Griselda's suggestion she looks in the direction, Aye, sounds like a good plan to me, shall we? she looks to Rollo to take lead following footsteps behind him, should trouble arrive she'd be ready to step in with some extra magical help.


Raphaela faltered on following after the others, as she looked back at eboney knife the other deemed suitable for Garnet to work with. Though she knew eboney was harder than normal wood, the idea of wood sharpening wood seemed silly to her. And then there was the matter of the time limit, how much could he really get done with that restraint? Ela's hand slid next to her knife but didn't grasp the hilt... it's not as if they asked for her knife. Was it expected for her to offer it? "Here!" Raphaela grunted with a strained expression on her face, as if the very act of giving something away freely hurt her. She threw the knife into the dark sand, burying it to the hilt. "Dun dull tha edge." she threatened, before she followed after the others.

Shocked by Raphaela's prickly generosity, Garnett picks up the small weapon and bows to the girl. Collecting the small gnome, he heads toward the edge of the jungle.

The explorers travel along the shore, the wet sand far easier to navigate than the loose, dry sand between the shore and the treeline. A bare half hour of walking later the small group crests the low, black dunes. From their vantage point they can clearly see the verdantly crowned cliffs surrounding, and forming the small bay, the dark rocks rising above the trees. In places the trees seem to grow out of the rock itself, creating a vertical jungle. Immediately to the south is a very picture of beauty. Tumbling out of the dark jungle to the east cascades a river, crisp, clear, and swift. The flow is about 20' wide and is contained by rocky banks. A band of shore to either side of the river bears clear indications that it is subjected to fairly frequent flooding, the dunes on which you stand seem to be what blocks the river along it's north bank. South of the river the jungle edge creeps along at the base of the cliff, wrapping all the way to the water's edge.


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