Chapter 2: Landfall

After a little searching, and with no further unnerving interruptions, a good campsite is located about halfway between the shore and the jungle on the edge of the river. The river bends and gathers slightly at this point as it is funneled between two large rock formations.Steep sides 10' high on the north and west make approaches difficult from those directions, and the river running along another steep side blocks the southern approach. Defensively the only place that is in need of much work is the side facing the jungle. The location on the river appears to Rollo to be a good place to fish, and while the proximity to the jungle does mean there's more exposure to the threats there, it also means the site is closer to the resources therein.

No me either, what ever it was I fear it bodes ill for us. she said to Griselda being closer to the resources to fix the boat and supplies will be an advantage if we need to make a quick get away.

The sooner we move the camp here the sooner we can get to work. I think will need a lot of your magic help to move the boat, Griselda. I think we should take some fresh water back and get shifting. I hope the boys got some weapons made, I have a feeling we are going to need them soon.

She looked to the sun to see how much day light they had left, and if they could attempt to move the boat this day or wait till the next. we should hurry if we are to get anything done this day, Raphaela's right, if we're camping here we need to get the others, but I think we should all go together after what had just happened I would hate to divide our numbers any further.

The sun isn't very high in the sky, it's not even near noon at this point. Making note of the place, the small band makes their way back to the shoreside camp. During the short trip back nothing unusual is spotted, or felt. The jungle sounds filter out of the treeline, monkeys, birds and the like.

Most of you have been in this kind of climate before, enough to know how brutal the middle of the day can be. For three hours after noon the sun and humidity combine to make any form of exertion nigh unto impossible. Noon is still about 3 hours away as you approach the camp, Garnett and Cricket can be seen busily working on some spears

Griselda approaches the camp, checking the sky warily.

'We have been fortunate in finding a suitable camp site. We need to move there and if possible move the boat too, though I fear that is going to be hard work indeed.'

Griselda will examine the state of the boat to see if she could possibly conjure suitable material to patch it long enough to make it possible to simply push it into the water and tow it to the new camp. If she can, she will start to do so.

'If we can make this able to float even for a short while, we can just put everything inside and pull it to the river.'

We found a river just along the way, we also encountered something...I'm not sure what but it was like the dreams, really horrible feeling, then it was gone. Tempest explained to the other two as they cam into the make shift camp. I think we should move camp to nearer the river, better to be closer to then have to travel back and forth everyday if there is trouble. She sat down next to Garnett watching the older man work.

We'll need to move the boat and that will be no easy feat. I would not want to leave it out of sight. That is if we all agree? she asked, she was by no means in charge, with the mutiny and the murder of the Capitan they were without command. There were those whose time aboard out stretched hers, but technically they were ship-less so did it really apply any more. They were all thrown in this situation together, so long as they worked together there was no need to worry about it. But working together meant a rough consensus and she would not assume any idea of hers was above any others. So far the rest of the expedition had agreed to move camp, even Raphaela.

But of all those on this forsaken beach, Garnett's opinion matter the most to her.

Moving the boat, that would be a task, first would it be safe to move? What was the damage like? Griselda, whats's your assessment of the boat? can we move it? If we have to drag it by land we'll need to make some rollers underneath to stop it digging into the sand.

I wonder if we could float her and row her along, now the storm is over, could you make a temporary magical patch?
she ask Griselda before looked to the sea to
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gauge the swell.

gah posting at the same time never a good idea great minds think alike! I'll leave it as it stands as they run along the same vein

RolloPutting his initial intuition about threats asise, Rollo liked the idea of the new campsite. "We're not strangers to hard work... I'm sure we can get our vessel there. What do you need from me?" he asked Griselda and Tempest.

"Oh Gods." Raphaela cried out in exasperation at Rollo. "What she needs, is fer all ya men ta put all our
indicating the spears being worked on
crap into tha boat. Then, drag it ta the sea."
Then she plopped her hinny down next to her boots, placed her elbows on her knees and stared at the sand with closed eyes... seemingly waiting for the others to complete the task.

At Raphaela's outburst Tempest shook her head catching the eyes of the others she rolled them and sighed. Then carrying on as if nothing had happened she looked over to Griselda examining the boat. Then back to the rest of the camp. Whilst Griselda is checking out the boat, either finish up with the spears or rest, as you say its going to be hardwork. We may have to wait until after the mad-noon sun depending on what work needs done short term. She wandered over to the boat to see what Griselda thought of its condition.

The boat can definitely be shored up with Griselda's tricks long enough to get it over to the river, possibly even long enough to row up the river to get closer to the spot that was found. Rowing the boat in the tide may not be a good idea, but a couple people could sit in it and row, guided by a tether to someone on the beach to help keep the craft out of trouble.

"Well, if it's a better place than what all we've got here, let's be off once Griselda's worked her miracles." Garnett slaps his thighs and rises from his work.

Griselda has little trouble in fabricating the temporary repairs, such a task could be done by any carpenter's apprentice. In short order the boat is fixed, loaded, and floated out into the bay. Garnett and Rollo take the oars, their skill and strength are sufficient to keep the laden craft out of trouble. An hour later the boat is once again beached, about 50 yards from the chosen camping spot where the beach, the closest point where the shore would allow such an activity. By this time the morning sun has risen closer to it's high point, about an hour and a half remain until the noon heat hits.

Garnett looks about, nodding approvingly. "Aye, I think this'll do just fine." He looks back to Tempest with a slight grin, "Well, captain, what's your orders? I'm thinkin' shelter might be in order, that sun'll be on top of us too soon."

Griselda pers towards any nearby trees. She knew a lot of the trees in the warmer climates had big broad leaves. Perhaps with enough leaves the roofing of a structure could be accomplished fairly quickly. Walking nearer to the tree line, she looked for thinner trees and young trees that could be broken or cut to make posts and a structure for a quick shelter. An hour and a half was not long but then again there were enough hands to do this fairly quickly too.

'Someone come and give me a hand. We can cut some small trees gather some big leaves and have a shelter of some sort up in no time.'

As she spoke she produced a couple of long and heavy ebony cutting blades, more like a thick cutlass than an axe and end heavy for chopping, and passed one to whomever wanted it.

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