Adil Krag

Height: 6'2"
Age: 25

In Norway, there has existed a secret Order dating back to the times of Medieval Knights. These Knights and their descendents have lived with great responsibilities and they have not waivered in their determination to uphold the pledges of the Original Knights who pledged to serve the King. These Knights were more than just an elite group of soldiers but people who could act without being part of the established system of hierarchy. These Knights were trusted to the point that they were given the freedom to act as they saw fit to protect the King and safeguard the lands belonging to their King. Their loyalty was never questioned and many of their deeds will never be known. Those who have laid down their lives for King and country did so gladly without any desire to have their secrets revealed. They were a specially selected group of people and this honour was passed from Father to Son down the generations.
In 1904, King Oscar II attempted to bring these great heroes to the public eyes by establishing The Order of the Norwegian Lion, by honouring these Knights and their families for their work. The truth was kept secret and this move by the King proved unpopular where the dissolution of the Union between Sweden & Norway in 1905 prevented any of these Knights to be formerly recognised. It was at this point King Oscar established the name that this secret Order would go by, The Order of the White-Tailed Eagle, named after a Bird of Prey whose population is considered native due to the largest population residing along the shores of Norway.
When King Haakon VII attempted to re-establish the Order of the Norwegian Lion by repealing the Court Order in 1952, it created a fracture between The Order of the White-Tailed Eagle members, some of whom wanted to adapt to the modern era, to gain prestige and honour, titles and public recognition even if the truth had to remain hidden; then there were those of The Order who wanted to remain as they were living in secret adhering to the founding principles of their Order when it was originally formed. The Order divided and eventually the lineage of The Order of the Norwegian Lion died out with the death of Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden but the lineage of The Order of the White-Tailed Eagle continued on with strength. However, throughout the 20th and in to the 21st Century The Order have been forced to adapt to the modern style of warfare. They still wear armour, wield their swords and follow the conduct expected of Knights but their Order has had to focus on the research and development of technologies for this modern age to assist The Order in whatever way it can. The Order is still funded by the King of Norway but The Order has had to seek other forms of income to bolster their ever increasing demands on expenditure.
Their legend and their deeds are unknown to those outside the Order and just as their name suggests, they are the soaring Eagles constantly on the watch for their next target and when they get a target in their sights they are known to show no mercy for their prey. They live to serve the ideals forged in the original agreement that formed the Order and if they feel they are left with little choice then they will kill others without feeling regret or remorse for their actions.
Like his father and grandfather before him, Adil is a Knight of the Order of the White-Tailed Eagle and was born in Oslo, Norway and was raised by his father within The Order when he was not attending school. He has strong ideals and convictions in following the path of a Knight. He was sent to the School of Limitless Possibility to keep an eye on what was going on considering the unstable nature of the island and the fact that it has made remarkable progress in technology. He works within the Technology Department but seems to spend just as much time helping out in the PE department too and just making sure that students maintain regular routines of exercise along with ensuring a reasonable level of discipline. He’s pretty much good with technology and a sword, he gets some attention from the women for his looks but seems to lack in the charm department. He seems to be obsessed with adhering to his own code and principles that he often forgets that he’s now in the 21st Century and needs to start trying to fit in. He’s also the type of person that will instinctively act to help others who appear to be in danger or distressed. He also doesn’t look where he’s going and seems to lack awareness of what’s happening around him when he’s not fighting leading him to have many accidents. He claims that getting injured helps build up the body’s resistance to getting injured in the first place though his record doesn’t correlate with that theory.
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