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And Orc paragon (or any paragon classes) are out for now.

Originally Posted by phoerix View Post
And Orc paragon (or any paragon classes) are out for now.
They weren't on the list, so I knew that :=P

ignore I

ignore II

Ogres start with 4 racial HD. So an ogre with no class levels is ECL 6. Phoerix is aware of this and has agreed that ogres will start one level higher than the rest of the group, and face accordingly more difficult problems.

(never mind then..)

Ipphli is correct. Keep in mind, that part of the CR's take into account WBL, which is entirely shot due to the starting gear.

Brought this from the Questions thread as it seemed more appropriate here.

Originally Posted by ArasaadiDragonstar View Post
gnomes don't fit my plan. halflings, maybe, but gnomes not really lol
Too bad The drow of this world are not actually going to be Elves. They will be Dark Whisper Gnomes muahahahaah!!!!

Oh, there will be drow in this world, believe you me, and a number of other special races

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