Ogre OOC

Ogre OOC

For your collaborative efforts.

Yay, another ogre! Welcome Nimu/Taxellor! I like your character concept; will mesh well with my own I think. Guurb will be the big man, you'll be his mystic adviser type.

That's the plan. At some point I should complete my magic item requests for gambling for a bunch of terror causing items. I was considering going Bard at one point, but then I read HoH again.

Alrighty, here is the Ogre Class Skills

Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Survival, Swim, Use Rope

Its short and ugly, but functional I think. Thoughts?

Removing Listen and Spot? I thought those made soe sense on Hunter-gathers. Gives some choice, but I don't especially have any particular thoughts as I only get one skill point a level till I get a class. And thats Intimidate :-)

(The advantage of Bard is placing 17 in int rather than wis, (so I'd actually get some skill points,) but eh, decided spirit shaman now.)

They can keep those too, I wasn't really looking at their page when I made it, and casters usually have better things to grab (my normal classes).

Sweet! I'm thinking I might develop monks with my character eventually...

Oh, yeah I need to work on that. Still can't decide how much I want to push my luck, or what exactly to ask for.


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