Ogre OOC

I got a few things I wanted to survive, then gambled like crazy to see what obscure relics to go with, (well, I mostly stuck to below 35k.) Although a number of my items are unusable until I become a spellcaster, (which should make things fun.) I was tempted by some of the utility rods but went conservatively. Although saying that, I risked loads on my armour.

Gambling for a couple of reusable high level items to define your character as more than just a combat character seems sensible. I'm glad my off hand risk on the Lyre worked out. Getting wands even if you can't use them seems to be a good idea so you can trade them or hand them to an allied spellcaster to use them on or for you. I note any large magic weapons we get are only really usable by us, (and similarly we can't use many magic items of other races.) Oh and gambling on rings seems sensible as you can only wear two at any one time.

I' actually glad a fair few people are gamboling on character defining gear, rather than killer gear, it really will make an impact on each settlement, and in their histories as they are defined. Perhaps the ogres will grow into a rather intelligent offshoot or somesuch.

Just realized what you said about the Lyre. That's awesome. Just...pure win. +1 to you.

I should probably ask if I can have Drums instead of a Lyre, (mechanically more or less the same, just more fitting for an ogre and a different perform skill required.)
There are a couple of other utility wonderous items, rings and rods, (Decanter of Endless Water being an example.)

Hello, fellow Ogres.
Are you ready to tame a world?
I hope my luck holds on magic items like I had on my status.

An unnamed gnome sneaks in and puts forth malicious, er I mean trickster, magics to foil the newest ogres magic item rolls. In a flash he is gone before the big dumb lugs realize what is going on. :P

Right. Eat the gnomes. Check.


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