Ogre OOC

Taxellor's last understanding is the ruling I'm sticking with for our game

See Nimu's strength of magic! The ghosts speak to her they do, and the truth of the world is shown! Look and know fear!

Hey nate, your wishlist isn't so private. Just thought I'd let you know. You missed the last bracket.

Since we're being allowed to bring any mundane items within reason that we wish, if you plan on any crafts or professions, I suggest you grab the masterwork kits for them. Also, not sure what we're allowed to bring alchemical wise. A few everburning torches or antitoxins would probably be useful. Everyone grab a healer's kit, maybe some tools like shovels, crowbars, etc. Yeah, LOTS of tools, blankets, and metal items like pots. It'll be awhile before we can get any metal to craft with.

Think Robinson Crusoe, only without the guns.

Also, cross your fingers that I get at least some of my magic items.

Best of luck.
Also ha! Crafting skills! I'll put the rest of my mundane allowance into an assorted pile of things.

Oh, and it seems we only get 1000 gp in mundane equipment. That's still a lot of tools and blankets. I say blankets because they can be cut up for clothes. And we're ogres, so what do we care about fashion (at least right now). I wonder how many other people even thought of a lyre of building, least of all got one. Every hour of playing equaling 100 men working for six days....*drools* We'll have a city in no time.

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