Ogre OOC

I wonder how many other people even thought of a lyre of building, least of all got one.
It was definitely a popular item, believe me. I think there are two or three others floating around.

At some point I might even learn how to play it. And blankets and furs make your lair look awesome. As do skulls, pots, mining picks, boxes of random tools and other associated tat, shiny beads and odd shaped sticks.

Am I OK to have mine as a set of Drums of Building? (Other people with the Lyre don't count, they'll all be bards and able to use them for ages.)

So got my magic item list back:

Weapons: Whirling +1 Halberd (40%), +1 spiked gauntlets w/ Lesser Crystal of Life-Drinking (80%)
Armor: +1 Blurring, Acidic Spiked Breastplate (40%), Mithralmist shirt (80%)
Potions: Neutralize Poison, Potion of Vigor, Potion of Gaseous Form, Potion of Remove Curse, Potion of Remove Disease
Rings: Sustenance (100%)
Wands: Enlarge Person, Lesser Vigor, Entangle
Wondrous Items: Decanter of Endless Water (40%), Survival Pouch (80%), Healing Belt

How many rations does it take to feed a large creature? Two I'm assuming?

Yeah, drums are perfectly acceptable instead of a lyre. And yes, two normal rations for a large creature. Unless they're really really hungry.

Phoerix, is it alright if we compare our mundane items to optimize? Assuming we're in the same 'group', and thus redundancy would be reduced?

Yeah, I closed your threads so you can open up whatever discourse you wish.

How much does, say, a blanket for a large creature cost vs. the costs in the SRD? Double, like armor and weapons?

Yeah, I'm going to go with a flat double cost for anything sized for large creatures vs medium. Unless you find something elsewhere that specifically gives a scale or pricing.

Incidentally, you guys will need huge creatures to ride. Think about that for a few moments, then factor in I'll let you have a number of them as well. Giggling may be acceptable.

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