Vryheid (Wippit Guud)

Vryheid (Wippit Guud)

Work In Progress

Name: Vryheid
Don't bother looking, I made it up. Details below
Adalut Inevitable
Class: Soulborn 13 || Force Golem 4 / Iron Golem 9
Alignment: Lawful neutral

Adalut Inevitables: While many may see Mechanus as a never-changing force of order, there are changes that have taken place over the ages. The Hub of Elders have tried creating additional Inevitables to attend to a growing number of activities which need correcting. Some, are successful. Others are deemed unsuccessful or unneeded, and the production run is simply reabsorbed into Neumannus. The Adalut are one such run. Their original mission was to seek out and return those rare Inevitables which go renegade and do not return for memory wipe. While the Adalut were initially deemed adequate to this task, it was eventually decided that it was easier to incorporate renegade-retrieval into all existing Inevitables, and the Adalut were recalled and dismantled.

In a twisted irony, a few Adalut went renegade themselves.

Background: Vryheid has existed for a mere 101 years, the production test of Adalut having been fairly recent. He only has memories for the last 24 years, however: all Inevitables are called back to Mechanis every cycle of The Center (approx 11 years in Faerun) to have their memory wiped and be redeployed. Vryheid discovered that his 8th memory wipe would actually be a dismantling, and against all programming and conditioning he refused, and went renegade.

Vryheid has been forced to relocate on several occasions, when an Inevitable discovers his location - once you're discovered, he knows as well as anyone that no force in existence will turn away the... Inevitable. He has spent timing living in Cormyr on Faerun, Dis in Baator, the City of Brass on the Plane of Fire, and even a pocket rift inside the astral plane, where a small group of beholders is trying to create a civilization that is not quite so chaotic. Each time Vryheid was discovered, he quickly and efficiently moved on.

He has taken all manner of jobs, less for the money (which he has almost no need of) and more for the travel and companionship. Vryheid has come to enjoy living as an "individual", and gains much pleasure from simply witnessing living creatures interact. Life is like food to a restauranteur - he wants to flavor as many as he can, be it humans, blink dogs, ice mephits; only the mindless do not interest him.

Vryheid has spent the last 5 years - the longest he has remained in one place - in Sigil. The sheer number of individuals here make it easier to become lost in the shuffle, and he takes great precautions on where he is at all times.

Personality: Vryheid is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Fiercely lawful in nature, but he vehemently opposed to any sort of involuntary restriction on freedom. All sentient beings should have the freedom of choice, and those who are coerced or magically inclined to become enslaved to any one being tends to make Vryheid irritated.

Beyond his devotion to that one cause, Vryheid is a likeable fellow, and enjoys conversing with every intelligent being he can find. His personality is the only aspect of Vryheid that adds life to his character - a living mind in an inert body. Many find Vryheid hard to associate with: as he has no facial expressions and talks in the same monotone, it is nigh impossible to express emotions. The few who have managed to get past this have discovered a devoted, likeable friend who has a thirst for life that exceeds many biological entities.

Nemesis: The Hub of Elders - the ruling force of the Inevitables in Mechanus. They see Vryheid (and all renegade Inevitables, of which few exist) as a violation of universal law. Through the Hub, all Inevitables are an enemy of Vryheid.

Loved Ones: Inevitables - Some may find his reasoning silly (or insane), but even as Inevitables will hunt him down and render summary judgement, Vryheid considers all Inevitables to be his brothers, and will not willingly kill one. At times he will even try to grant his brothers freedom, but that is a lost cause - the programming of the Hub is such that no amount of convincing will sway one from its task - they must discover the truth for themselves.

The Lord of Blades: It's funny how stories circulate and legends are born. Most people believe the Lord of Blades is a Warforged who is working to establish a country for his race in Prime: Eberron. Vryheid knows different, as he has actually met the 'visionary', who is in truth a renegade Marut Inevitabe who managed to discover a working Creation Forge. And his goal is not by any means to create a country - he plots of overthrow the Hub of Elders.

The Lord of Blades once sought after Vryheid, hoping to impress him into the Warforged army as a general. Vryheid refused, and it nearly cost him his newly-discovered life. Where the erstwhile Adilut will not fight other Inevitable, he will definitely fight his rival. He also has no issues in fighting the Warforged who have pledged themselves to the Lord of Blade's cause - they have made their choice. (LE Marut || Warblade or Tome Fighter)

Felmer Udd: A Half-fey gnome artificer originally from Faerun, Udd runs a small shop in sigil, dealing in known and collectible/artistic magic items. He has purchasing agents in Faerun, Greyhawk, Eberron, and the City of Brass, who are always on the lookout for that rare or exotic item. "I only like items that have a story." is his favorite quote. It is through his agent in the City of Brass (an imp known as Sigfreid) that Vryheid has met Udd. When not out and about, he uses Udd's basement as a place to serve as his home.

Vryheid Quick Reference
Large LN
Force Golem 4/Iron Golem 8
Adilut Inevitable Soulborn 12
Init +
+2 Dex, +3 Danger Sense, +4 Improved Initiative, +3 Lightning Reflexes, +2 Eager Weapon, +5 Warning Weapon
19, HP 121/121, Speed 20 or
with Speed and Haste active
with Flight and Flight/Speed/Haste
Fly 20 or 110
AC 43, (+3 Dex, -1 Size, +1
Combined +1 leather armor
Enhancement, +16
Iron golem 3+Str bonus
Natural, +14
Force Golem +Cha Deflection
Deflection) Touch 26, Flat-footed 40,
Fort +
+8 base, +14 Resilient Soul
22, Ref +
+4 base, +3 Dex, +14 Resilient Soul, +3 Lightning Reflexes
24, Will +
+8 base, +2 Wis, +14 Resilient Soul
24, Damage Reduction
Iron Golem, DR HD/Adamantine
Base Attack Bonus +12, Spell Resistance
Golem SR, 15+HD
27 plus
Force Golem ability, as Globe of Invulnerability up to 7th level spells
Force Field
Abilities Str 35, Dex 15, Con --, Int 21, Wis 15, Cha 38
Always on, Soulborn effect
Arcane Sight,
Bound Chakra, always on
See racial abilities
Construct immunities,
Gauntlet of Rusting Grasp

Combat Notes

All Slam attacks from Vryheid have the following enhancements:
Combined dagger +1
Keen - Critical threat range 19-20/x2
Iron Golem ability
Iron Fist Target moved 5' for every 5 damage, golem chooses direction. See ability for further info
Iron Golem ability
Neutralize Disarm as a free action
Iron Golem Ability
Heavy Fists Strength bonus x 1.5, considered two-handed weapon for power attack
Iron Golem Ability
Heavy Fists 2nd ability Dazed 1 round, Fort DC 28
Soulfire ability
Soul Smite Add Charisma modifier to attack roll, Soulborn level to damage
Subtle Cut tome feat
Subtle Cut +1 damage and Wounding
Resounding Blow feat
Resounding Blow Confirmed crit causes cowering, Will DC 30

-1 Size, +12 BAB, +12 Str, +14 Cha, +1 Weapon
+38 to hit, 2d6+31 damage, 19-20/x2
Slam (Power Attack): Up to -12 to hit, add 2 damage per -1
Full Attack: 3 slams (2 hands, 1 haste)

AoO: As slam, but adds
Soulborn class ability
Stunning Reaction, stunned for 1 turn, Fort DC 30

Hold the Line: Charge attacks cause AoO in threatened area. Remember Iron Fists. Greatreach Bracers increase reach by 10', 3/day

Do you have a picture of Vryheid? Or is he like an Iron Golem, but, what, glowing a bit?

Ok peanut gallery... updating to level 13, and I need advice.

1. Teleport up to 60ft at will as a free action
2. Greater Teleport at will, and take Quicken SLA to free-action in 3/day


1st is good, but Anticipate Teleport is prevalent in this world. 2nd is better for movement, as odd as that sounds. You can go farther with 2nd.


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