Blake Breckenridge, Werewolf of London

Blake Breckenridge, Werewolf of London

Blake Breckenridge

ConceptHigh Concept: Werewolf of London
Trouble: Struggling Against the Beast Within
Template: Were-form
BiometricsRace: Human
Age: 27
Height/Weight: 5'11"/175 lbs
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
StressesPhysical : Endurance - OOOO
Mental : Conviction - XX
Social : Presence - OO
Refresh and ConsequencesBase Refresh: 8
Final Refresh: 1

Athletics, Craftsmanship, Investigation
Endurance, Intimidation, Might
Contacts, Fists, Resources
Alertness, Stealth, Survival
Supernatural Powers and Mortal Stunts
Beast Form (You take on the shape and appearance of the beast you specified at the time you took this ability. This only covers a cosmetic change of form and does not convey additional abilities like Claws (page 162) or any supernatural Strength, Speed, or Toughness abilities—you will need to take those separately to get the appropriate benefit.)
Skill Shuffle (You may shuffle around your skills for a different configuration while changed (using the same number of skill points and following the same rules as during character creation, page 65), so long as any knowledge or social skills are not given a higher value by the change. In other words, you can’t suddenly know more about Shakespeare just because you’re a wolf (or whatever). Physical and perception skills, however, may (and perhaps should) be increased in this way.)
Beast Change (-1)
Beast Senses (Smell, Sound, Night Vision) +1 to related rolls
Beast Trappings (Track by Smell)
Beast Friend ("Speak" with Canines)
Echoes of the Beast (-1)
Regular Joe (Inhuman Speed, Inhuman Strength, Claws, unavailable in human form)
Human Form (+1)
Improved Initiative (Your Alertness is at +4 for the purpose of determining initiative)
Athletic Ability (All your Athletics checks are made at +1, including dodging. When sprinting, this bonus is increased to +2.)
Casual Movement (Whenever moving as part of another physical activity, you may move one zone without taking the –1 penalty for a supplemental action.)
Almost Too Fast To See (Difficulty factors due to moving are reduced by two when rolling Stealth.)
Inhuman Speed (-2)
Improved Lifting (Whenever lifting or breaking inanimate things, you gain a +3 to your Might score.)
Bruising Strength (Roll Might at +1 whenever using that skill in conjunction with grappling. This also allows you to inflict a 2-stress hit on an opponent as a supplemental action during a grapple.)
Superior Strength (Whenever using your Might to modify another skill, it always provides a +1 regardless of the actual comparison of your Might score to the skill in question.)
Hammer Blows (With attacks that depend on muscular force (Fists, thrown Weapons, etc.), you are at +2 to damage, increasing the stress dealt by two on a successful hit.)
Inhuman Strength (-2)
Natural Weapons (You have claws (or something similar) which act as Weapon:2 for your Fists attacks. This bonus stacks with stress increases due to Strength abilities (page 183), but won’t stack with other Weapon:[X] effects per the usual weapon stacking guidelines (page 202).
Claws (-1)
Pack Communion (When near another member of your pack, gain +1 to your Alertness. When in the same zone as others of your pack, you may communicate with one another wordlessly. Only single words and simple concepts may be communicated: attack, protect, follow, distract. By focusing your senses, you may make an Investigation roll to pick out the approximate location of others of your pack. When ambushed, if any one of your pack spots the ambush (by succeeding at an Alertness roll), all packmates are considered to have won the Alertness roll as well.)
Pack Instincts (-1)

BackgroundMy Daring Maya
Blake was born in London to a middle class family. His father was a banker and his mother a
I think it's still called that in the UK
high school teacher. His formative years were spent roaming the streets and parks of London. Blake discovered early in his life that he was a natural artist, specifically when it came to drawing. His father didn't care too much for his son's artistic nature, wishing he would spend more time with other children playing sports. His mother, however, embraced his artistic talents, encouraging Blake to do what he enjoyed.

They met in high school. Blake spent months sitting across the room from her in English class before he had the nerve to talk to her. Maya was beautiful, with long brown hair, fair skin, and green eyes you could lose yourself in. At first he tried to pay attention in class but inevitably he'd find himself sketching her in his notes. When he finally did manage to ask her out it was awkward but she agreed to go to a movie with him. The date went well and soon they were inseparable. It wasn't until they'd been together for a year that Maya showed Blake her secret.

Asked to meet her at the park at midnight, Blake was confused, but excited. He showed up under the willow tree like she asked but Maya was nowhere to be found. He looked around, worried he'd been stood up but he wasn't able to see much through the fog. That's how the wolf managed to sneak up on him. She came out of the fog slowly, her yellow eyes flashing in the faint moonlight. Scared now, Blake started to back up slowly, he didn't know what the creature was doing in the city but he knew she was dangerous. The wolf kept up its cautious approach and Blake kept up his retreat, until he bumped into the tree. The wolf kept advancing but to Blake's surprise it didn't attack. Instead of biting it started licking his hand. Slowly, he started to pet the animals beautiful brown coat. That was when the strangest thing happened. The wolf changed back into a naked Maya. "I must be dreaming," he said to himself, smacking himself in the face to wake himself back up. But that's not right. You aren't supposed to feel pain in a dream. He raised a hand to his stinging face and looked down at his crouching girlfriend dumbfounded. "You aren't.........freaked out are you?" was all she said. At a loss for words Blake sank to the ground, his knees no longer able to hold him up. "I, I should go," she said, choking down a sob. She gathered her clothes and quickly got dressed then ran home through the fog.

She wasn't at school the next day. Or the day after that. It was a week until he saw her again, a good thing too as it gave him time to sort out what he had seen. When she came back to school he asked her to meet him again in the park. He found her sitting under the tree, in her human form this time. When he got there he wasn't sure where to start. "How did- You can- You're a werewolf?" And she told him everything. How she learned to change from her uncle when she was a little girl. The simple pleasure of running, all the smells. "I can show you how to do it if you want..." she said smiling shyly.

Rising Conflict"If I Don't Help Them No One Will."
Ten years later, Blake and Maya (now 26 and married) open up a tattoo shop, Halfmoon Ink. Shortly afterward, a strange looking woman comes in to get a tattoo. While she's getting inked she tells asks him for help with a personal problem. Feeling bad for the woman, Blake looks into it. Word gets out and more and more people start coming to Blake for help. He does until one of the people he helps brings trouble back with him. It's a good thing Blake had the shop insured. Somebody tried to burn the place down and would've succeeded too if the fire department hadn't gotten there when they did. A week later Blake got a check in the mail covering the damage and then some along with a cryptic letter apologizing for the accident and referring to the shop as "Accorded Neutral Ground". That's when the clientele started getting wierd.

The StoryThe Hunter Becomes the Hunted
When the wolves of the Longclaw Pack start turning up dead, the Pack looks to Blake to find the killer. But will Blake succeed when he faces off against a jealous packleader, and a mysterious supernatural serial killer?
Aspect: Second In Command of the Longclaw Pack

Guest Starring: Aloysius Farquhar
During his own investigation, Blake encounters a somewhat fuddy-duddy mage by the ridiculous name of Aloysius Farquhar, who seems to be investigating the werewolves in the park. Blake guardedly offers some information and, once the wizard is assured of the pack's basically good intentions, he shifts his investigation toward the shapeshifters' own troubles. A few thaumaturgic rituals and location spells later, the killer's lair is revealed, and the path to vengeance is open.
Aspect: The Nose Knows

Guest Starring: Guy Merton
When Guy Merton was taking a relaxing swim in the waterways underneath London,he got lost and ended in a tunnel that happened to be a lair of the Scabbers, the local were-rats. There were a over a dozen of them, feeding on filth when they smelled the newcomer. Guy easily dispatched most of them. Were-rats aren't the best fighters, but enough of them together can be deadly.

Just when he got down to the last few, be became heavily outnumbered by an entire swarm of them.

Guy was pretty worried when he heard several more hurried footsteps.

Then he heard the squeal of rats, followed by the howling of several wolves.

Guy Merton's Olympic dreams would soon end before they ever began, which was typical. Something always got in in between him and his Olympic dream. His final chance at Olympic Gold would end because he...would be dead. Killed by scores of were-rats and a pack of wolves.

But then the bodies of the were-rats started to fly around the chamber, the head of one, soared bast his shoulder. Someone else was fighting these rats.

A few minutes later, the battle had been on, and the wolves shifted into their human forms. The leader of the group, introduced himself as Blake Breckenridge

Guy and Blake became friends. Blake even offered the Olympian a discount on his first tattoo. Guy had no marking on his body, and was completely shaved from head to toe. But he had no interested in scarring his body.

But he was interested in good conversation and friendship.

Guy would visit Halfmoon Ink often. Not to get a tattoo, but to get a break from training and for the fun, welcoming atmosphere to be had there.
Aspect: Strength in Numbers


Wolf Skills

Alertness, Athletics, Fists
Endurance, Might, Intimidation
Investigation, Stealth, Survival
Craftsmanship, Contacts, Resources

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