Avery Burke (Retired)

Avery Burke (Retired)

Name:Avery Burke
Age:24 (January 14th, 1983),
Tribe:Blood Talon
Auspice: Rahu

Vice: Pride

Background: Most kids when asked what they want to be when they grow up go through a lot of different answers. Fireman, police officer, astronaut, dinosaur are all well within the realm of possible futures. For Avery Burke, his answer from the time that he knew how to string sentances together was “Soldier”. Avery had grown up in a family with a proud tradition of military service, with his great grandfather and grandfather fighting the Kaiser in WWI, and Hitler in WWII, and perhaps less lopsidedly moral but no less proudly, his father serving during the Falkland's war.

Bright, athletic, and personable, the only sign that Avery was nuzusul was a slightly more fiery than normal temper, but even still that was seen by his family as his taking after his grandfather, and surely military discipline would help get it under control. Enlisting at age 16, he managed to keep his temper for the most part under control, with no incidents beyond a fight which he clearly hadn't started, just ended.

Then September 11th happened, and there was an enemy to fight. Old enough now to participate in combat operations, Avery was deployed in Operation Veritas, seeing ground combat. Although he had a definite gift for combat, there was something about this war that didn't sit right with him. Asymmetrical warfare and battles against insurgents was far from the stories he had heard, the ideal he had wanted to live up to.

But a soldier has a duty to perform, even if they aren't entirely sure that it meets the qualifications of “just war”.When Operation Veritas was replaced by Operation Herrick, Avery was rotated out, returning home, only to find himself part of Operation Telic in Iraq. Although he was aware of the threat of IEDs thanks to his time spent in Afghanistan, his first real experience with them came in late 2004.

What should've been a routine patrol was interrupted, first by a roar of flame, heat and shrapnel, and then by the sound of automatic weapons fire, insurgent held Kalashnikovs firing in staccato bursts. Seeing a friend go down, face half torn away by weapons fire, Avery saw a red so deep and so dark he saw nothing else. His squadmates saw a monster, and the Insurgents saw as one of their last sights a demon unlike any other.

When backup arrived, Avery was covered in blood, and strangely unharmed, the stories of what happened during those harrowing minutes confused by loss, lunacy, and adrenaline. Avery was all too aware of what had happened, but how exactly do you explain to your CO that you turned into a monster, and tore insurgents limb from limb?

Fortunately, it didn't come to that. A fellow enlisted Uratha scented him, and realizing what had happened, explained to Avery what he now was, and his duty as one of the people. Joining the Suthar Anzuth seemed logical to Avery, because apparently even Werewolves had career soldiers.

They just were fighting a very different war. Avery debated staying enlisted, a secret weapon of sorts, but the realization that in a moment of kuruth it was entirely likely he could tear his human squadmates to ribbons, he resigned early. Considering the Rage, it was easy enough to chalk it up to a case of PTSD brought on by the events of what happened to his squad.

His family wasn't exactly disappointed, but they did notice the change, especially when he broke off contact. “Things are different now, it isn't the way it was back then” was his father's statement on the issue, with the sort of sad resignation that one takes to changing times.

Avery wasn't idle however. He joined up with a Blood Talon pack, bringing to it a combination of military discipline and Rahu natural inclination for conflict. Minimalizing risk to Nu Bath Githul while serving to maximize combat effectiveness, Avery took up an attitude of vigilance and dedication that attracted the attention of the Lodge of Garm.

Fighting a rearguard action against a pack of Anshega using himself as bait got him past the first Trial, but with his temper, meeting the jaws of Garm was going to be difficult to say the least. It was almost his undoing, not due to giving into his rage but instead due to fighting too hard to keep control of it. But when it finally was let loose, it was in a short controlled burst, a verbal feint following up by a quickly drawn pistol shot to both knees. He held out, and had incapacitated his foe when they were off balance.

For now, Avery has focused his dedication to the Crimson Storm pack, and the defense of London's streets and Shadow. Although it's currently the territory of the Lushar Iduthag the Anshega control the countryside, and all it would take would be one solid push for them to change everything.

With an enemy that could be at the gates at any moment, Avery wants to be ready to show them just what Asymmetrical warfare is like.

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