John's Fault

John bears his teeth at the Kobold. "YOUR GOING TO SLICE MY THROAT WHILE I SLEEP!" John yells ignoring Vicky's action. "YOUR GOING TO THROW DAGGERS AT MY BACK WHILE I FIGHT OTHERS!" John yells louder. "ILL SINK MY FANGS IN YOU LIKE THE VERMIN YOU ARE!" as Guan come up and grabs him.


"Boyikt, I don't know what is happening, but we're trying to stop John now," she calls out to the kobold wizard. "Please, ask your friend to stop attacking." A hint of desperation is seeping into her voice.

John hisses as he yells in a hissy voice. "Why don't you tell him yourself he can understand us!" He threaten to hut us down and kill us. I have no reason to lie, I bet it was because of him that caused the whole thing with the orcs. If you want to leave because he spared your life then leave, cause I own him nothing they killed me!" John hisses again without taking his eyes off the Kobold. John wipes the saliva off his chin "I am not your enemy no one threatens me or my friends and live!" Losing all rational thought John prepares for another wave of attacks coming his way.

Vicky looks a bit confused at John. 'I doubt he'd start this without any reason at all,' she quickly concludes.

"Is it true you threatened him?" she asks the kobold. At least, she tries to, through all the noise they're making.

Vicky cannot tell if Kiwk heard or even understood what she said. His rage is completely focused on John Clarke at the moment.

Boyikt yells out to Kiwk. "Kiwk,
Draconic:why are you doing this. We should just let them go!!
rui isca e plist dist. Fa dast fleast baust daust crae!!."

Draconic:NO! The vampire threatened us! He used his vampire powers to speak into my mind! He told me that he would wait for his friends to sleep and then come back and kill us both. I won't let that happen! I'm killing him now.
Spae! Da meiapisca dobtausqaust est! Pa ellaust pist meiapisca dullaust frae trost anscae dui dist! Pa frust da deiast pa fast feust vust pist luust frae duis ist daust clulva ceiast ist dist est cust. Io fust'st baust deiast peiallaust! Io'st dibrist pist sput.." the kobold responds.

"He say vampire threaten to kill us. Come back when you sleeping to kill us. Kiwk not back down! I can't let kill Kiwk!" Boyikt responds. It is obvious by his tone that if John cannot be controlled, he plans on defending his friend.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Calm down! You're going to let this runt get to you?! He's nothing without his pet," ZhuGuan hissed in John's ear as the revenant broke from the half-elf's grasp.


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