John's Fault

John hisses as the wizard spoke with his head still spinning. "Now you twisting my words, words that you pretend you can't understand!" John spat, almost as he didn't even hear Guan's plea for John to calm down.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared walks as quick as his legs can carry him over to where his rod landed. As he moves shadows seem to flow towards him from everywhere, surrounding and blurring his outline. His jovial face also undergoes a change, itself becoming shadowed and hinting at something... unpleasant.

He looks at Boyikt and says
If we had intended you harm we would now be attacking Boyikt and not trying to stop our own friend.
something in draconic Then he turns to the slink, and this time Jared's voice snaps out harshly as he grates
This is your one and only chance, Kiwk. Stop your attack now, or I will summon horrors from the Gloom worse than any of your nightmares. They will drag you back into the gloom and your lying mouth will scream for eternity as they use you for their plaything.
something in draconic

Draconic:Then I'll have to kill you too I suppose. He doesn't get to threaten to come back here and kill us after you leave. I will ensure our future by ending his, and obviously yours!
Daust Io'st peiatta frae dist e fri Io preallulla. Pa pliast'st craust frae dobtaust frae clulva ceiast pausca ist dist est illaust e botta. Io fist ulleasca eost veabteasca cui uncist pist, ist aullaellui ost!" the kobold slink answers back with violent tones.

"So you hate each other and have uttered threats to each other," Vicky sums up the situation. "Can you please delay the killing for a moment?"

She looks back at the wizard and tries to figure out how to best save the situation. "Boyikt, ask your friend to back down and I'll have a look at his wounds, while ZhuGuan keeps John busy. Allyria, can you help ZhuGuan?"

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Vicky try to
I'm assuming we get CA still
distract him,"
ZhuGuan struggles to try to restrain the raging revenant.

John stares in to the kobolds eyes "I have not threaten him yet I said I would sink my fangs in to him and that's what I do!" John clinched his fist as a faint thought races thru his head 'Why can't I stop myself. The need for battle in his blood screams out.

Vicky glares at Jared. "What did you just say to him?" she inquires, signaling strongly that she's not in the mood for jokes right now.


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