John's Fault

John's Fault - Round 2

ZhuGuan has his attention on preparing Jack and his things and has his back turned to the others. When John summons forth primal energies the half-elf feels the hair on the back of his neck rise. He turns in surprise to see John strike at the less scrupulous slink without provocation, at least, without any provocation that he saw.

"What the hell is going on," he shouts. A moment ago it sounded as if everything was ok and now...

Vicky catches a small glimpse of John striking at the other kobold through the crude bed. "What in the world are you doing?" she bursts out as she dashes towards who she thought was her ally.

'Has he gone mad or something?' she thinks to herself. She quickly realizes that the basic premise for diplomacy -- not fighting -- is not met here. Trying to stop this before it gets out of hand, she throws herself at John. "Why are you suddenly attacking?" she asks while trying to grab hold of him. He is too slippery to get her talons on.

John bears his teeth at the Kobold. "YOU'RE GOING TO SLICE MY THROAT WHILE I SLEEP!" John yells ignoring Vicky's action.

Seeing the strange bird woman attacking her former ally, the kobold slink decides to take advantage of the momentary distraction. The kobold stabs at John, but misses the undead man. He hisses through his teeth at his own failure.

ZhuGuan, despite being an invalid for the last couple of years, didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. After seeing Vicky hurl herself at John he puts two and two together and concludes that tension between the two had flared up in the way they often flared up between other friends of his. A pang of nostalgia hit him as he thought bout them. First things first.

The half-elf strode over to the John and tried to place himself between the revenant and the kobold. He grabs and restrains John. He wasn't quite sure what to do about the slink though when a thought occurred to him. "Call off your slink, we'll take care of John."


"Vicky, Dave, Jared, try to placate Boyikt and have him call off his buddy before we have to bury more people!" Guan's voice is quickly over powered by a screaming eladrin revenant. "Vicky try to distract him," ZhuGuan struggles to try to restrain the raging revenant.

"I'LL SINK MY FANGS IN YOU LIKE THE VERMIN YOU ARE!" John souts again as Guan comes up and grabs him. It takes all his effort, but John manages to break free from Guan's grip.

"Calm down! You're going to let this runt get to you?! He's nothing without his pet," ZhuGuan hissed in John's ear as the revenant broke from the half-elf's grasp.

"Boyikt, I don't know what is happening, but we're trying to stop John now," she calls out to the kobold wizard. "Please, ask your friend to stop attacking." A hint of desperation is seeping into her voice.

John hisses as he yells in a hissy voice. "Why don't you tell him yourself? He can understand us! He threatened to hunt us down and kill us. I have no reason to lie, I bet it was because of him that caused the whole thing with the orcs. If you want to leave because he spared your life then leave, cause I owe him nothing. They killed me!"

John hisses again without taking his eyes off the kobold. John wipes the saliva off his chin "I am not your enemy - no one threatens me or my friends and lives!" John spat, almost as if he didn't even hear Guan's plea for John to calm down. Losing all rational thought John prepares for another wave of attacks coming his way.

Vicky looks a bit confused at John. 'I doubt he'd start this without any reason at all,' she quickly concludes.

"Is it true you threatened him?" she asks the kobold. At least, she tries to, through all the noise they're making.

Vicky cannot tell if Kiwk heard or even understood what she said. His rage is completely focused on John Clarke at the moment.

Boyikt yells out to Kiwk. "Kiwk,
Draconic:why are you doing this. We should just let them go!!
rui isca e plist dist. Fa dast fleast baust daust crae!!."

Draconic:NO! The vampire threatened us! He used his vampire powers to speak into my mind! He told me that he would wait for his friends to sleep and then come back and kill us both. I won't let that happen! I'm killing him now.
Spae! Da meiapisca dobtausqaust est! Pa ellaust pist meiapisca dullaust frae trost anscae dui dist! Pa frust da deiast pa fast feust vust pist luust frae duis ist daust clulva ceiast ist dist est cust. Io fust'st baust deiast peiallaust! Io'st dibrist pist sput.." the kobold responds.

"He say vampire threaten to kill us. Come back when you sleeping to kill us. Kiwk not back down! I can't let kill Kiwk!" Boyikt responds. It is obvious by his tone that if John cannot be controlled, he plans on defending his friend.

John hisses as the wizard spoke with his head still spinning. "Now you're twisting my words, words that you pretend you can't understand!"

Jared walks as quick as his legs can carry him over to where his rod landed. As he moves shadows seem to flow towards him from everywhere, surrounding and blurring his outline. His jovial face also undergoes a change, itself becoming shadowed and hinting at something... unpleasant.

"So you hate each other and have uttered threats to each other," Vicky sums up the situation. "Can you please delay the killing for a moment?"

Jared looks at Boyikt and says
Draconic: If we had intended you harm we would now be attacking Boyikt and not trying to stop our own friend.
Ast fa peiast anscauncaust e peiast fa fast sput ca iffeiarcist Cist ist spust dist frae dus eost aust luust. Then he turns to the slink, and this time Jared's voice snaps out harshly as he grates
Draconic: This is your one and only chance, Kiwk. Stop your attack now, or I will summon horrors from the Gloom worse than any of your nightmares. They will drag you back into the gloom and your lying mouth will scream for eternity as they use you for their plaything.
Dist ast ost ausqa ist aullui seiana, Dist. Dus ost iffeiast sput, aust Io fist preafust pubsust lust da Daeost funsa deiast isqui aust ost spilleiascaust. Dii fist deiast e ceiast anscae da daeost ist ost bist dast fist dost vust ubtautqibtui ist dii ella e vust dist gliontrist.

Draconic:Then I'll have to kill you too I suppose. He doesn't get to threaten to come back here and kill us after you leave. I will ensure our future by ending his, and obviously yours!
Daust Io'st peiatta frae dist e fri Io preallulla. Pa pliast'st craust frae dobtaust frae clulva ceiast pausca ist dist est illaust e botta. Io fist ulleasca eost veabteasca cui uncist pist, ist aullaellui ost!" the kobold slink answers back with violent tones.

Vicky looks back at the wizard and tries to figure out how to best save the situation. "Boyikt, ask your friend to back down and I'll have a look at his wounds, while ZhuGuan keeps John busy. Allyria, can you help ZhuGuan?"

"I try! But halfling make worse by more threat! He no stop!" shouts Boyikt.

John stares in to the kobolds eyes "I have not threatened him yet. I said I would sink my fangs in to him and that's what I will do!" John clinched his fist as a faint thought races through his head, 'Why can't I stop myself'. The need for battle in his blood screams out.

Vicky glares at Jared. "What did you just say to him?" she inquires, signaling strongly that she's not in the mood for jokes right now.

His form wreathed and obscured by shadows, Jared ignores Vicky and continues looking almost uninterestedly in the direction of the Slink. Allyria looks back and forth between what she can see of the fight and Boyikt. They are trying to end this peacefully, but John and the slink don't seem to want that. This may only end when one of them is dead. Still she had told Boyikt that they wanted peace.

Instead of fighting, Allyria decides that her best option is to just back away from Boyikt to show that she's not trying to hurt him. "This doesn't have to end with blood, but if you can't stop Kiwk it will." she explains to the wizard.

"He threaten! Kiwk no stop!" says Boyikt, trying to decide if he should help his ally or not. Every instinct tells him that he should fight off the invaders. He knows that without the Krenshar, and with Kiwk already hurt, that their chances of victory are slim. "Both threaten him... Kiwk no like threats!"

"I don't think John did threaten him..." Allyria adds trying to calm the situation and perhaps get them back on somewhat reasonable terms.

"He use vampire power to speak to his mind!" answers Boyikt, deciding not to attack just yet after hearing Allyria's soothing words. He takes a few steps closer towards the slink, but he is obviously trying to stay a few steps away from the heroes.

"John isn't a vampire." Allyria responds, "and he can't communicate with just his mind..." she then looks over at her teammates and asks, "can he?"


"Well, the problem is that both of them need to stand down, or one will get killed," Vicky explains rapidly, "Tell him to take a few steps back for now, while we hold John down."

She makes another grab at John, trying to pin him down without causing any permanent harm. "Come on, John," she tries to persuade him, "Even if we ally ourselves with them, we still won't sleep without one of us guarding near them."

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Get a hold of yourself!" The half-elf shoves the restrained rampaging John.

Kiwk stabs at John as he is held by Vicky. The spear goes
Natural 20
so deep into John that it nearly punctures Vicky as well. The kobold smiles a sinister grin with it's
8 damage
devastating blow. Kiwk's chest puffs and his ego is fed by the terrible injury. This creature is quite simply a hardened juggernaut amongst its kind.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John hisses at Kiwk as the spear goes inside his body. John knew it hurt but the pain didn't register in his mind. John tried to lift up his arm to attack but finally noticed Vicky and Guan trying to hold him back. 'If I kill this vermin I will lose the respect of my friends.' John tries to push off
Dice Roll: 1d20+8
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 11)

John turns to Vicky "You can let me go now I won't attack again unless he strikes me again, I hit him he hit me." John said with a calm hissy voice. John turns to Kiwk "Considered their debt repaid cause your life was spared." John stares at Kwik not willing to take his eyes off of him.


While Vicky is trying to prevent John from attacking, she's also very interested in keeping him alive. The current turn of events does not help her much to attain that goal. She looks in disgust as John is badly skewered on the spear, barely managing to avoid damage to herself as well.

"That's enough," she loudly announces. "Boyikt, if you friend doesn't stop, he will kill John even if he has given up." She releases her grip on John, not wanting to be responsible for his death -- once again -- more than she is already.

"If your friend doesn't stand down, we will try to knock him out," she calls to Boyikt. "We are not attempting to betray you, just preventing him from killing us. We will not kill him."

"If you got any better idea, let us know," she adds as an afterthought.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

As the kobold attacks Jared begins moving and whips up his rod sending a stream of darkened shadows at Kiwk, the form of a snarling beast can be seen in its depth as it speeds towards its target.

As the kobold staggers back under the attack, Jared says
Don't move, and it won't hurt you any more. We're leaving.
something in draconic

"C'mon you lot. Let's get out of here."

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