Working list - in progress
IPhone in an otter box
2 packs cigarettes
1 pistols (9mm 3 mags 15 rounds each)
1 Assault rifle (M4 w/ reddot scope ; 4 mags 30 rounds each)
1 multipurpose knife
Zip ties
Body armor or bulletproof vest?

I thought Danny didn't have a pistol already, to be honest I thought no one was armed. In that case, Bart would gladly take that pistol back.

Bart has a pistol in his kit bag. Beretta 9mm w/ 2 15 rd mags.

Billy just liked to buck regs and carry his own (considerable more expensive) pistol.

I thought earlier you said they didn't check out the weapons. Went back and realized I read it wrong.

@Organized: Mind if Bart gets that pistol back? Didn't realize you have a pistol and assault rifle.

Standard issue:

For an MP:
Helmet, Kevlar PASGT
Load Bearing Equipment - Now it's a vest of some type I believe
Body armor was not required for this mission
rucksack with changes of under wear (3 each and six socks) and uniforms (2)
rain poncho w/ liner
MREs (three is the standard, I used to carry five)
parachute cord
cleaning kit
Personal Items - stuff to make deployment more enjoyable

Blackhawk crew person:
Nomex flight suit
Helmet, Combat Vehicle Crewman
Due to the lifesaving nature of the Buc Blue mission, there was no command requirement for weapons issue. If your PC would have drawn one by all means put it in the kit bag. If not, it's not there. No assault weapons were issued
Kit bag contents usually reflect how serious the crewman was about being a crewman, some contain more personal stuff than others. You decide.

So it isn't SOP for MPs to wear bullet proof vests?

That's standard procedure for most civilian law enforcement these days but that's cool.

Really it would be dictated by the mission. The Master-at-Arms in my battalion, I'm in the navy currently stationed with the Seabees, doesn't waltz around in his armor. Only time we've had it nearby really was when we were in Afghan and had our SAPI plate inserts but even then we just needed it without a decent distance and not on us. Since this is a civilian mission in the states I doubt they would have even issued weapons to be honest but considering the upper echelon may know things the PC's don't, and the fact that it's the General sending us it may be a bit different.

That makes sense but I am asking about the kevlar vests not the body armor. I agree with the body armor being dictated by the mission - but lots of cops just where kevlar vests as a matter of course nowadays.

Yeah - I imagine the General's saw the writing on the wall which is why we have assault rifles!

We don't really wear kevlar in the military though, it's some type of vest depending on branch that has SAPI (Small Arms Protective Insert) or E-SAPI (Thicker version) plates that you slide into it. Well technically we do use kevlar I guess... we have kevlar helmets.

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