I'm sorry for the ambiguity. That is completely my bad.

There was general looting happening in the larger cities once regular deliveries of food and stuff was disrupted. The National Guard were deployed as riot control and security. That mission requires weapons and so the issue of M4s. Ammo issued is not the standard combat load, only 120 rounds in four magazines. MPs are issued the SAPI mentioned above, but it was not required for this mission. Real body armor, ie level III bullet proof worn by law enforcement, is not issued by MP companies. The threat of getting shot at while enforcing Army regs on a closed military post is, despite recent domestic terrorist incidents, almost non-existent.

Now once we near a CDC guarded by Marines, yeah then I think we'll find some Level III armor laying around... or shambling...

Feed me...........

I get some of my best ideas from players just talkin'

For Bart's gear I guess it's the MP loadout but no rifle and bayonet. Also, he'd probably have a compass in there along with his parachute. So is it too much of a stretch that they could end up making the connection to zombies, I mean those types of movies do exist in this setting right?

Working List of supplies:

Cell Phone
ALS Kit (might contain most of these)
2 Gunshot Trauma Kits
Extra Set of EMS tool Kit (scissors, tweezers, hemostats, folding knife)
Bloodpressure Cuff
Digital Thermometer
Small Box of Advil/Tylenol/Ibuprofen/Generic
Handheld Flashlight or Penlight
Small Bottle of Wound Sealer

Portable Defribrillator
Smelling Salts
Box of Latex Gloves
Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
Small Stash of Feminine Hygiene Products
Clean Uniform

OR - Monster movies do exist. Art imitates life after all, and vice versa.

All - I'd like to take just a second to

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