The Altar (Attendance Bonuses)

The Altar (Attendance Bonuses)

The Altar

Before you is the altar room of the Inn. It is said that those heroes that are relentless in their pursuits who offer up a sacrifice are awarded knowledge from the beyond.

The Altar is designed to lightly reward players for regular activity at the Crossroads Inn.

Claiming Awards:
  • To claim an alter reward you must post in character 7/7 days in a given week starting on 12:01 am Monday through 12:00 pm on Sunday, OR, you can also qualify for a larger bonus by posting every day of a given month (same time restrictions). Special Holiday bonuses will also apply (but are currently under deliberation).
  • If you are in a time zone other than EST and that will affect your qualifications, please note that in your submission.
  • If you were unable to post IC due to in game restrictions, include any applicable “check in” posts, that were added to the “Check In” thread. Be sure to include the character name that you're checking in for in this post, as player's are permitted more than 1 character. For more details read checking in, below.
  • You must link each post to qualify you for the bonus, only 1 per day is required. To determine your post's link, please right click the time stamp and select "copy link adress". Paste all of the links in order in this thread.
  • IC post, you are not required to, but for the purposes of RP your character can indulge in a "sacrifice" at the alter which can be anything you decide though it should have some personal significance to the character (a drop of blood, a strand of hair, an enemy ear, whatever suits you). In story terms, if your dedication proves true (you posted as per requirements) your sacrifice will be accepted and you will be rewarded.
  • Be sure to use the suggested posting format, for the character that is receiving the bonus as it has a link to it's character sheet. If you do not include the suggested posting format YOU MUST INCLUDE that link in your post or you will not receive the bonus.

The Rewards

To claim your reward you must post in this thread within 3 days of qualifying for it.

  • If at any point the MW site goes down site wide for more than 1 hour in a 24 hour period you will be given a pass for the altar for that particular 24 hour period. Loss of internet connection on your end does NOT constitute a pass. While we sympathize with various factors beyond anyone's control such as weather and the like, we cannot reasonably account for it.
  • For the sake of simplicity you do NOT need to be at the inn to claim your bonus, though it is assumed this occurs at the next available chance your character has at the Inn. The bonus, however, is immediately added to your character.
  • If you qualify for a 7/7 weekly reward you will be given 1% of the total required experience to reach your next level.
  • If you qualify for a full month of posting you must compile all posts, from the previous weeks that you have claimed in this thread as well as any straggler days from partial weeks for the month (this bonus will become available to qualify for starting on Dec 1, 2011). If qualified for you will recieve a bonus 1%, bringing your total to 5% for the month!
  • Leveling from this bonus cannot occur for your character if you are in an adventure until your DM allows for a rest point.
  • If you reach a 10% margin of the required experience for your level (see IG calculator), you will also receive your standard IG reward. This bonus is delivered via Jammayich, a crazy golden imp that sometimes leaves IG in various places (in this case, somewhere in the PC's Private Chambers.


Checking In

If a character is capable of posting IC and it is reasonable for them to post, then they should do so. However, players may not be able to post due to any of the following reasons;
  • Waiting on the DM to post, before taking a vital action.
  • Waiting on player to post, before taking a vital action.
  • It is during combat, and it's not your turn to act.

There are even more circumstances than the above, but the rule of thumb, when in doubt, post IC.

If you're worried that the DM will disagree with your decision, toss a note up in the ooc as to why you feel the game is being held up, so they know why you think there is a hold up.

DO NOT check in when the party is waiting on an IC response from your character, this automatically disqualifies you from the bonus.

Holiday Bonuses

If you post IC (if at all possible, if not an OOC is accepted) on the day before, of, or after during Nov 24 and Dec 25 of 2011 and Jan 1 2012 you gain an in-game bonus of a +1 bonus to any 1d20 die roll*. This bonus expires in 90 days from when it is awarded and must be claimed in the usual methods listed above.

*this bonus follows standard 3.5 rules for bonuses (they don't stack with each other). This bonus must be declared at the time of the roll and not retroactively.

If you earn all three of those you also are awarded (when you claim your third bonus, indicate you have all three) a special bonus of a token that expires July 1, 2012 that mechanically operates exactly like a potion of cure moderate wounds and operates at CL3, it may be used as a swift action, after being used, the coin remains but is powerless and cannot be recharged. It is of negligible value but you are free to keep it as a collectible, trade it, or otherwise use it for RP purposes.

Accumulated Bonuses
If you qualify for accumulated bonuses such as posting for all three holiday season bonuses and/or posting for every given day in a month, and expect your accumulated bonuses to be honored, YOU MUST INDICATE you are qualified with linked posts for these bonuses, you need only link the DM post stating your posts were honored which can be found in your private thread or in the altar thread. Either one will do.

It is a large effort to keep up with the weekly altar bonuses. Researching your previous bonuses is not something the staff can realistically do, so please be mindful to include these links to receive your appropriate accumulated bonuses.

Father Erwin Winbolt

As the priest is waiting for the monk Torren to open the mysterious door in Mariel mansion, Father Winbolt drifts off into a waking daydream. Suddenly finding himself in a large grandiose sanctuary, the holy man says a silent prayer to the gods as he is drawn up a set of carved stairs toward an ornate stone altar.

Kneeling before a giant representation of what might be viewed by some as the wheel of life, the padre involuntarily makes a small cut upon the palm of his right hand with his dagger and allows a few drops of his blood to drip into the burning fires on each side of the altar. In connection with his blood sacrifice, the cleric mutters a light prayer under his breath before rising and bowing as he backs away from the sepulcher.

The next thing Father Erwin can remember is tightly clutching his long spear as the monk Torren prepares to open the door in the haunted mansion. As he waits to see what is on the other side of the portal, the priest notices a small trickle of blood flowing from his right hand down the haft of the spear. Hmmm....must have gotten a splitter, Erwin thinks to himself before dismissing it as nothing and instead focuses on the battle that is about to ensue.

The blood drops from his had bit whips into smoke before it touches the alter... the sacrifice is accepted, and fortune smiles upon Father Erwin Winbolt.

Sorio "Kahn" Go'Kahn

Following behind the good priest is his companion the large and mostly silent Barbarian. He walks up to the burning censures, and cuts a lock of hair with the spike on his gauntlet, then with a look to the heavens as if to say This had better work, he drops the lock in the fire.

The hair goes up in a whisp of smoke, seemingly instantaneously... the sacrifice is accepted and fortune smiles upon Sorio "Kahn" Go'Kahn.

Burke Gnome Ranger

From the arena, Burke blinks as he sights down his crossbow, he sees the sacrifice room of the Inn, he steps out of the Arena, picking up a handful of sand. He drops the sand into the sepulcre with a wad of spit to accompany it. He blinks again and is once again sighting up the hairy beasts about to be unleashed. He has a weird moment of deja vu which he immediately puts behind him for the business at hand.

Corrwen's Sacrifice is accepted.

For future reference, while an IC post can be omitted, please make sure you at least include a link to your character thread in the altar, it makes it much easier for me to apply the reward.

Burke's sacrifice goes up in smoke nearly instantaneously, fortune smiles upon Burke as his sacrifice is accepted.

Sorio "Kahn" Go'Kahn

Feeling much more confident after his last success, Kahn strides over to one the braziers and takes a human finger that looks to have suffered serious rot before being removed, and throws it in. A trophy from his party's latest victory.


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